Mid-Year Round-Up: Our Favorite TV Shows of 2018 (So Far)!


It's July. Can you believe it?! Halfway through 2018 already! So without further ado, let's get to discussing some of our favorite television shows of 2017-2018 so far! Did you favorite make our list? Let us know! 

As a bit of a side note: We tried our best to discuss shows that either fully aired in 2018 or, alternatively, began in 2017 and continued through to 2018.

( BBC AMERICA/Sid Gentle Films Ltd 2018 )

(BBC AMERICA/Sid Gentle Films Ltd 2018)

Killing Eve (BBCA)

Prutha: What hasn’t been said about this show already?? If you haven’t seen it yet, go, friends, GO. As a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, it has been wonderful to see Sandra Oh back on our TV screens. Haven’t seen The White Princess yet so this was the first time I got to see Jodie Comer do her thing and W O W. Blown away. So glad this one’s renewed! Well deserved. 

Westworld (HBO)

Skyler: Every week is something new with this series and trying to put all the pieces together is the funnest part about it. While the show has not had as many twists as the first season it’s certainly made up for it with the compelling stories of the main characters that are on a collision course for something BIG. Just when I think I have it all figured out a new element emerges to throw a wrench in my theory. This is by far my #1 show of this year!

Prutha: There’s nothing quite like watching a show and not truly knowing if your theories are right or wrong. I love switching it up a bit to watch shows that don’t go out of their way to directly lay everything out all at once (*glances over at Legion too*). It’s fun to play that “what if” game with this one. It helps that I always wanted to know what happened after the ending of Ex Machina. Just kidding, pretty please don’t let an AI uprising happen. Detective Spooner’s car did not fare well…

The Gifted (Fox)

Prutha: I’ll never get enough of anything X-Men related and the cast is something else. We’ve got Stephen Moyer (True Blood), Amy Acker (Person of Interest), Sean Teale (Skins), Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time), Emma Dumont (Bunheads), Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens), and so many more! They’re from all over the film/TV map, it’s so great! Beyond the cast, the show had a lot of parallels to current affairs (but in a different manner than say something like The Handmaid’s Tale) and added to the conflict of governing mutants/superpowers that we’ve seen in the X-Men films.

Luke Cage (Netflix)

Chris: So I just finished season two of Luke Cage and I can honestly say that this is the first Marvel/Netflix show to have a stronger second season then it’s first. The villains were fleshed out well and our main hero had his ups and downs as a character. The ensemble cast was filled with talented black actors and the show’s focus on music was stunning. The final five minutes of the show had me both confused and excited for a third season.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Prutha: This is one of those shows I struggle to watch week after week. It’s brutal and it gets to be too much for me at times. It causes me to take breaks from the show every now and then, but it’s still something I go back to.

Vida (Starz)

Prutha: Alongside ODAAT (below), this show’s providing new viewpoints, perspectives and voices on TV. I think the only disappointing part for me is that the first season was so short! We want more! Luckily, the show’s been renewed for season 2. 

One Day at a Time (Netflix)

Prutha: ODAAT is easily on my list of favorites. Easily. This is a show that had me full on bawling during an episode (or two, or three, I'll never pin this one down). To quickly elaborate, we’re not talking “cutesy tears” here and there kind of crying either. As I was binge-watching this, I had a VIP badge to Sob-Fest 2017-18. I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s important.

This Is Us (NBC)

Prutha: I honestly think all of America would agree that Sob-Fest 2017-18 programming also included NBC’s This Is Us. I don’t think I really need to even explain this one.

Silicon Valley (HBO)

Chris: I thought the departure of TJ Miller was going to hurt the HBO darling but boy was I wrong. The show stuck with what it does best and that is making me cringe at everything the main characters do. From Richard throwing up in the middle of his new office to Dinesh’s obsession with Tesla cars. Jin-Yang for president!

Riverdale (The CW)

Prutha: Ahhhh! This show is such a guilty pleasure for me. There’s alwaysssss something (ridiculous) happening in Riverdale and I am HERE FOR IT. This small town is just like any small town USA, you know?

Dragon Ball Super (Toonami)

Skyler: I know what everyone is thinking and no, I’m not an Anime purist. As someone who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z this series has been an absolute delight. Even though the series has technically ended its original run it’s still going strong on Toonami with the Funimation dubbed edition. Featuring our favorite voice over artists Sean Schemmel (Goku) and Christopher Sabat (Vegeta) the series has just about hit the half way point (End of Goku Black Saga) and shows no signs of stopping as the Tournament of Power is gearing up to start!

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

Skyler: I don’t know how they keep doing it but Netflix just keeps churning out great TV shows and this one is no exception. With an intriguing concept and awesome futuristic backdrop the show manages to capture everyone’s attention from the pilot. With just enough tension and action the show is paced very well and never seems to have a dull moment.

The Seven Deadly Sins (Netflix)

Skyler: Just call me the resident anime lover here! This shows second season was released on Netflix in January but, again, in its dubbed form. If you haven’t started this series yet and are a fan of Fairy Tale or Full Metal Alchemist consider giving this one a try. The show follows Meliodas (The Dragon Sin of Wraith) and his sidekick pig, Hawk, on their quest to re-unite the Holy Knights and save the Kingdom of Liones, each of which represents one of the seven deadly sins. Trust me this is a great show.

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

Chris: I am a second generation trekkie and was raised with weekly viewings of Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine, but nothing prepared me for Discovery. The new iteration followed a single story line throughout it’s fifteen episode season and boy did it pay off. Klingons were finally scary again, characters were gritty, and the visuals on the show were outstanding. My only issue was not having more episodes to get lost in. Season two can’t come soon enough.

( ABC/Matthias Clamer )

(ABC/Matthias Clamer)

Agents of SHIELD (ABC)

Chris: If you asked someone four years ago what their favorite superhero show was, I would bet good money it wasn’t AoS. Although the show started off rough trying to find its footing, the past two seasons of the Marvel program have been spectacular. Season five took our heroes to the future and brought in a classic Avengers villain. The main cast was amazing and the action scenes were top-notch for a television program.

Legends of Tomorrow (CW)

Chris: Find me a more fun and entertaining show this year then Legends. The show doesn’t take itself to seriously (especially for a CW product). Season three was its strongest yet and Beebo is the realest. Don’t @ me.

Honorable Mentions

Cloak & Dagger (Freeform) - Season 1 airing now. A very different vibe from the other Marvel shows we've seen to date, go see for yourself!

Jessica Jones (Netflix) - Season 2 streaming on Netflix

Ozark (Netflix) - S1 released in 2017, but we have a feeling S2 will be on our favorites list when it's released 8/15/18. 

The Bold Type (Freeform) - Season 2 airing now. Go Watch! Jacqueline is absolutely amazing!

Wynonna Earp (Syfy) - The Purgatory squad, including the crazy chick with a gun returns when Season 3 premieres 7/20/18!

Into the Badlands (AMC) - There's really no other show that comes to mind to compare. The fighting sequences are top notch fun. We're hopeful for a Season 4 renewal!

Animal Kingdom (TNT) - Season 3 airing now. 

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