7 Reasons to Watch Amazon's Goliath

By Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)

Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video

Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video

Some shows are just so binge-worthy that people out there write up lists of reasons why you should give a show a shot, and with that, there's one more to add to that ever-growing list. Formerly known as Trial, here are 6 reasons to watch Amazon's Goliath:

1. Powerhouse performer Billy Bob Thornton just won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama. His acting alone on the show is enough reason to check out the show, but that's not all...

2. Alongside Mr. Thornton, rounding out the talented cast are the likes of William Hurt (Captain America: Civil War), Maria Bello (Prisoners, Lights Out), Olivia Thirlby (Dredd), Nina Arianda (Florence Foster Jenkins) and Molly Parker (House of Cards).

3. It's a legal drama created by David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro who frequently collaborated on a few other well-known legal dramas you make have heard of. (Psttttt, The Practice and Boston Legal!)

Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video

Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video

4. It's a classic David v. Goliath story in a pretty modern setting of a courtroom. Time and time again, courtrooms have been the venue for many important historical events or shifts, and although Goliath is fictional and without giving too much away, it's interesting to see how this particular case play out over the course of the season. 

5. Speaking of a modern setting, William Hurt's character on the show almost has an Eagle Eye kind of presence on the show and it's incredible to see how the firm's employees both respect and fear him at the same time. 

6. It can be excruciating (fiiiinnneeee, perhaps an exaggeration) waiting for our favorite shows to return from hiatus. How do we get through it every year? It's mind-boggling. With Goliath however, with no news (yet?) of a renewal, the show makes for a great "one and done" binge session.

7. Despite that, with so many rich characters (all of whom have intriguing storylines of their own) introduced in this first season, we'd definitely be back for more if announced. Long story short: Give it a try! 

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