Arrow 5x11 "Second Chances" | Recap/Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

[Spoilers Ahead]

Arrow 5x11 “Second Chances” starts off with a flashback to Central City right before the particle accelerator goes off. Tina Boland (Juliana Harkavy), who we saw at the end of last week’s episode, is being tied down by some thugs in a warehouse. Right before things start to look bleak for her, the accelerator’s blast hits everyone in the room and Tina’s sonic scream abilities manifest.

Flash-forward to present time - Team Arrow is trying to show Oliver (Stephen Amell) various candidates to become the new Black Canary, but no one seems to please him, as per usual. Eventually, Curtis (Echo Kellum) brings up Tina whose sonic scream abilities intrigue Oliver. The team tracks her down in Hub City and go to confront the possible recruit.

When Oliver and company find Tina on a rooftop, they offer the vigilante a place on the team. This doesn’t go over so well with Tina, as she pokes fun at the group’s costumes and makes a threat regarding their lower extremities. Ouch.

When Oliver, Curtis, and Rene regroup the next day, Curtis finds out more information on Tina. Turns out, she use to be a Central City detective. Oliver as his Green Arrow persona, gives Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) from CCPD a quick call to get more information on Tina. We get a quick cameo from The Flash, who races into Singh’s office and drops off a “He’s legit” post-it to prove the Green Arrow is truly the one Singh is talking too. Oliver finds out that Tina was deep undercover before she disappeared from the force after her partner was murdered by the same thugs that kept her prisoner.

Later that night, Oliver and Rene (Rick Gonzalez) are investigating a location they believe Tina is at. They end up finding the metahuman vigilante in a room where she seems to be torturing one of the thugs from earlier for information on his boss who killed her partner. Before Oliver can stop her, she uses her sonic scream on the thug, kills him, and flees the scene. Oliver chases her down to offer help in with whatever issues she is going through, but she knocks him down and runs away.

The team gets a location on Sobel (Clayton Chitty), the drug dealer who killed Tina’s partner and head his way to stop her before she kills him. Tina gets there first but is knocked down by Sobel who has sonic powers of his own. Green Arrow and Wild Dog rescue Tina but Sobel escapes.

Oliver talks Tina into partnering up him and Rene to stop Sobel and the three make their way to a helicopter pad where they are greeted by Sobel and his henchmen. A battle ensues and Oliver takes a ride on a helicopter before taking it down with a trick arrow. Kudos to the stunt crew for this awesome scene. Tina holds Sobel at gunpoint and Oliver tries to talk her down from killing him. This turns out to be a futile task, as Tina shoots the drug dealer and flees again.

The episode ends with Tina visiting Oliver in his office back at Star City. They have a heart-to-heart and she lets Oliver know that Tina isn’t her real name but her undercover identity. Her true name is Dinah freaking Drake and if that doesn’t get you excited, then I don’t know what will!

On the Diggle (David Ramsey) front, Adrian (Josh Segarra) comes with news that General Walker was under investigation for suspicious activities that might be enough to get John exonerated. Key word here is “was,” as Walker with his vast connections, was able to slow down the investigation. Oliver’s decides it’s up to Felicity to hack the NSA to gather the information on the investigation and boy is she enthusiastic about the task. But when she does get access to the government agency, the files on Walker are nowhere to be found. Instead, Felicity gets a message from another hacker, codename Kojo Sledgehammer. The hacker turns out to be a young woman who became a hacktivist because of Felicity old ways. Kojo is part of a hactivist group who stole the files on Diggle. She gives Felicity the information that she needs to help John and also reminds Felicity of her old ways in the process. In the end, Oliver and Adrian use the information and are able to get John released on bail.

Also, let’s not forget to mention the infamous flashback scenes in Russia. Last we checked, Oliver was rescued by Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig). When Oliver awakes from his beat-down, he meets Talia formerly. She seems to know everything about Oliver since his time he was shipwrecked. She also explains that she knew Yao Fei who was a student of hers. We get a quick reference to the infamous Lazarus Pit to explain how Talia was Yao Fei’s teacher even though she looks half his age. Talia offers to help Oliver in his quest to stop Kovar by taking out one of the Russian gangster’s business partners. They make quick work of the business partner but Talia isn’t done with Oliver. She implores him to go after the people on his father’s list and also gives him his original Green Arrow costume from season 1.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- Good to see Rene has quite an appetite for burgers. Like an abnormal appetite. Rick Gonzalez has definitely grown on us since the beginning of the season.

-- Curtis is the king of dorky comments. That is all.

-- “Ghost Fox Goddess” should probably be Felicity’s new codename. “Overwatch” just doesn’t have the same comedic value as GFG does.

-- Really going to miss Katie Cassidy in the Black Canary outfit, but excited to see Juliana Harkavy don the costume too.

-- Oliver just loves telling everyone about his secret identity.

-- Pretty cool to see Stephen Amell back in his original suit.

-- Dinah Drake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Till next week!



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