Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Part II - Quick Primer on 8 Major Things

Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)

Netflix’s CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, already renewed for Parts III and IV, each to consist of eight episodes each, released it’s Part II batch of episodes this month. Part II’s block of nine episodes pushed the story forward to new areas but rather than recap each episode individually, here’s a quick primer on 8 of major things to happen in Part II!


1) Her Name Is SABRINA SPELLMAN and She Follows No Ma–, sorry, Dark Lord

Both Parts of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have consisted of Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) being hounded by her family history. A family history that she seems to know next to nothing about. Insert “Mean Girls’ ‘Why are you so obsessed with me?’” gif. Although more light is shed on her background and her actual connection to the Dark Lord (and his obsession with her), our girl, the Dark Lord’s daughter, Sabrina insists on letting us know her name, Sabrina SPELLMAN and makes it abundantly clear that if it’s up to her, she follows no ma–, I mean Dark Lord.

2) Nicholas Scratch - aka Major Boyfriend Material

Ahhh yes, the rise (and fall) of #Habrina was lovely to see. Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood) is honestly peak boyfriend material - would date. Throughout Part II, he’s presented as too good to be true and then IS in fact too good to be true. But fret not, Nicholas seems to have genuinely fallen for Sabrina, despite being an agent of the Dark Lord. Although him being in HELL is a major obstacle, Sabrina, with the help of Harvey (Ross Lynch), Roz (Jaz Sinclair) and Theo (Lachlan Watson), will likely stop at nothing to get him back. Bring on Part III, preferably in the same exact release schedule, Netflix, we can’t wait a whole year!

3) Harvey and Roz - A Somewhat Unexpected Ship But HERE FOR IT.

Although Harvey (or “Harry” as Nicholas would accidentally call him) and Sabrina are no more, a new, somewhat unexpected ship sailed in Part II. Harvey, still reluctant to accept Sabrina’s witchcraft with totally open arms following his experience with her bringing his brother back from the dead, moves on and starts to date Roz. There was a rather noteworthy scene for the show when Roz, uncertain about whether or not it’s against the Girl Code to start dating one’s best friend’s ex, settles that up quickly with a good hearted conversation between her and Sabrina. It’s refreshing to see the minimization of drama on this front. No time was spent with Sabrina or Roz being jerks to one another beyond the actual “we’re afraid of your magic” element.

4) Coming Into His Own - Theo Putnam

In Part I, Susie was seen struggling with her identity, and ultimately, in Part II, she comes into her own and begins to go by Theo. It was utterly wonderful to see Theo come into his own through the decision to join Baxter High’s basketball team. Part II quickly tackles the issue of there being no girls on the team and has, now, PRINCIPAL, Wardwell (Michelle Gomez) drill in that it’s a matter of talent and not gender that should be considered in the team roster. Following a basketball game, Harvey and Roz are then told to begin calling him Theo, as that’s who he’s most comfortable with. Harvey and Roz’ reaction to the news was great, they didn’t get tripped up about it and the show does a consistent job of not making this a big deal. I especially loved a scene in which Theo’s dad asks if they should try and find a dress for the upcoming dance, quickly making it clear, Theo would rather get a suit.

5) Prudence Becomes a Blackwood

Throughout her arc on CAOS, Prudence Night (Tati Gabrielle) seeks validation from Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle), the only father she has ever known. Unfortunately for us all, he actually SUCKS. BIG TIME. Father Blackwood has time and time again treated Prudence in a way no child (or woman too, actually) should be treated. Yes, she may be deserving of ‘Brina’s hate after the many things she and The Weird Sisters pull on her, but on the other side, Prudence in Part II is shown to have cracks in her armor when it comes to her father accepting her as his own.

In Part II, Father Blackwood falls from grace due to his puppet mastering the framing of Ambrose Spellman (Chance Perdomo) in his involvement in bringing about the deaths of the Anti-Pope (Ray Wise), as well as Sabrina’s parents, Edward and Diana Spellman. Slighted enough, Prudence attempts to kill her father as he sleeps, leading to Father Blackwood’s acknowledgement of Prudence’s willingness to do whatever is necessary in pursuit of her ambitions...which literally defines a Blackwood. Luckily, by the ending of Part II, Prudence, although now a Blackwood in name, sees her father for who he truly is as well. And following his actions in attempting to bring down the entire school, the only home she knows, she seeks revenge on such namesake. Father Blackwood flees and now there is: Prudence Blackwood, hunter of Blackwood.

6) Aunt Zelda Gets Married to Father Blackwood

In Part I, Lady Blackwood had succumbed giving birth to her and Father Blackwood’s twins. Aunt Zelda (Miranda Otto), understanding the consequences posed of being a firstborn girl in Father’ Blackwood’s household (i.e. Prudence and many other ghastly things to point to), decides to lie and refrains from telling him that both twins had in fact been born. She only allowed him to know of the son, Judas. Aunt Zelda had handed over the daughter, Leticia, to outcasts in the forest, upon her realization that she would be unable to protect her for much longer. In Part II, Aunt Zelda and Father Blackwood are carrying on their secret relationship and Auntie Z makes it clear that she won’t be partaking in these here shenanigans until he get serious about their relationship. So he does and fast forward, the two get married. eeKKKKKK! BECAUSE, REMEMBER, HE STILL SUCKS.

7) Aunt Hilda, Ever The Warmest Hearted

Aunt Hilda (Lucy Davis)  in Part II continues to be the warmest heart on the show. Offering a different perspective towards their witchy practices and upbringing than Aunt Z, Aunt Hilda is probably one of my favorite characters on CAOS. In all this moody darkness (and stunning set design, mind you), she’s managed to maintain an air of lightness in her life. Yes, she has her own issues that she must deal with, including Aunt Z’s murderous tendencies towards her and her own disagreements with the Church of Night (leading to her being excommunicated) in Part I, in the end, she remains a character you could see ‘Brina running to when she needs help or someone who’ll listen. Following her excommunication, Aunt Hilda had begun working and then dating Dr. Cee (Alessandro Juliani), owner and operator of Dr. Cerberus’ Books and and Spirits. It’s revealed in Part II that Dr. Cee has been possessed by an incubus and rather than totally calling it quits, Aunt Hilda, again showing us why I’d consider her the heart of the show, begins to move past the development. The two teaming up to defeat a witch hunter was especially fun to see!

8) Witch Hunters Descend on Greendale

One of the cooler introductions in Part II of CAOS was that of the existence of witch hunters. The idea of people outside of Greendale coming in to expand upon this side of Sweetwater River is welcomed. Even if they are actually crazy, can we stop with the targeting of people living their lives in “peace” please?

Aunt Hilda warns Sabrina of using and revealing her powers to humans, but of course our girl wouldn’t be ‘Brina if she didn’t use her powers to try and help her friends, right? Sabrina does just that in Part II by helping Theo make the basketball team and further heals Roz of her blindness. This acts to alert one of the witch hunters planted at the school of something sketchy and he decides to investigate further. The guy ends up visiting Sabrina at her home and nearly murders her, but luckily, Roz calls just in time as she’s seen a vision of stranger danger. Sabrina is able to gain the upper hand and runs off to Dr. Cee’s store, to find that Dr. Cee and Aunt Hilda had just defeated another witch hunter there. PHEW. Close call there.

All in all, the witch hunters created a different kind of turmoil this season and although they’re eventually dealt with, it’d be interesting to see how many other witch hunters are out there, doing God’s work, as they’d probably opine.

What other outside elements exist in the world of CAOS? We shall SEE in Part III, won’t we?

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