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By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

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The season 3 finale of The Flash ended the gloomy season on an even gloomier note. Barry (Grant Gustin) had to sacrifice himself to the Speed Force prison in order to save everyone. Flash forward a few months to the present where Iris (Candice Patton) has taken leadership of Team Flash (I.E. Team Kid Flash or Team Vibe depending on who you ask). The team is after Peek-a-Boo (Britne Oldford), one of the many escaped metahumans the team has been after. Eventually the team catches the teleporter thanks to Iris’ quick thinking. I’ll comment on this later but the season premiere was more about the evolution of Iris as a character over the past few months without Barry, then it was about the title character.

Speaking of Barry, the Scarlet Speedster makes his triumphant return from the Speed Force after a powerful new villain dressed as a Samurai makes quick work of Team Flash and threatens to destroy the city. It seems the new villain wants The Flash and will stop at nothing until he gets him, which includes destroying Central City. Enter Cisco stage right with his plan to free Barry from the Speed Force with the help of Caitlin, who is now normal looking again compared to when we last saw her as Killer Frost. We will skip all the emotion reunions for an even bigger reunion when Cisco uses his modified Speed Force bazooka to free Barry. The device didn’t seem to work out as planned when Barry doesn’t return to them. However all is not lost because Barry comes out of a portal hundreds of miles away in his birthday suit.

Eventually the team gets word of Barry’s naked return and find him at CCPD where he was taken after being found out in the country, however, our hero is not all there mentally. It seems the Speed Force messed up his mind and now all he can say is nonsense while writing these creepy symbols all over the rooms he is in. The final act of the episode concludes the 24 hour period the Samurai gave Team Flash to present The Flash to him or else “Bye bye, Central City”. Of course, Barry is not in his right mind to fight this new rogue, so Iris takes it upon herself to allow the Samurai to take her hostage in order to jump start Barry’s mind so he saves her and the city. Of course this works and Barry suits up into his new suit and save the day in epic Flash fashion. It turns out that the Samurai was merely a robot controlled by some mysterious enemy, who the viewers finds out to be The Thinker (Neil Sandilands), a non-speedster main baddie for the season. The episode ends with everyone happily reunited and Barry is back at home with Iris to hopefully get this marriage back on track. The episode ends with Caitlin having a Killer Frost moment and finally a chilling introduction of the Thinker.

This week's The Flash MVP award goes to Candice Patton whose portrayal of Iris knocked it out of the park. When the show began 3 years ago, Iris seemed like the average damsel in distress who would eventually play the main characters love interest for years to come. That quickly changed over the past couple seasons as she has evolved into a strong, independent character who has taken control over the team in times of despair and has also had to deal with her own plights. This whole episode centered on Iris and how she has coped with Barry missing. Instead of sitting down in the dumps, she has persevered to lead Team Flash. Yes, there were moments when she was frustrated with Cisco or someone else on the team who wanted to help Barry escape the Speed Force, but it was he sacrifice at the end of the episode that brought Barry back to normal to save the day. Here is hoping that Iris’ development continues to grow into an already badass character.

As far as season premieres go, The Flash’s 4 season did not disappoint. It was obvious the team was missing Barry, not only emotionally but when it came down to stopping the metas of Central City. The episode really hit it on all cylinders when it came down to character development, emotional scenes, and epic fight graphics. I am very excited that we will finally get a main villain who isn’t another speedster and can actually test Barry in a substantially different way. Also, the season premiere left us with many unanswered questions such as what is going on with Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) and who is this Amunet Black she was working for? Moreover, is the question of what Barry was trying to communicate before his brain was jump started? We want answers to these questions and we're sure you do as well!


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- Tom Felton’s Julian Albert is nowhere to be seen in the season premiere. It seems that Julian has moved back to London hopefully to continue his passion of magic in the wizardry world. (Numero Uno on my terrible joke campaign!) 

-- Amulet Black, i.e. Blacksmith is known in the comics as a villain who organizes other rogues to aid in her fight against The Flash.

-- What is going on with Caitlin? Does she have full control over her powers or does Killer Frost make untimely entrances often?

-- Enjoyed nod to Arrow's Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Curtis (Echo Kellum).

-- Did you see Barry’s fancy new suit?! Looking good man!


Review: The Flash 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”: Excellent

The Flash returned in epic fashion with the start of a very promising season. A non-speedster villain in The Thinker should help to “reborn” the series and hopefully add a lighter tone compared to season 3.


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