The Flash 4x02 "Mixed Signals" | Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

What does six months in the Speed Force get you? Couples therapy and a new suit! The Flash 4x02 "Mixed Signals" was all about relationships. There was Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry (Grant Gustin) dealing with their communication issues. Then there's Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) dealing with a weird romantic holiday from Gypsy’s Earth. Finally, we had the villain of the week, Kilgore, who was dealing with relationship problems with his former colleagues who stole his work...and made millions off of it. In response, he goes on a killing spree to get revenge on said colleagues by using his technopath powers he mysteriously received in Silicon Valley. Well, he did!

Kilgore doesn’t seem like the most powerful villain we’ve seen on The Flash, but he sure does find some truly frightening ways to exact revenge. The opening scene killed off one of his old colleagues by dropping the arrogant character to his death via a high-rise elevator Kilgore controlled with his mind, where said arrogant character was most likely splattered all throughout the broken elevator. Outside of this initial murder, Kilgore wasn’t very successful in his revenge on the other two colleagues. Yes, there was a cool scene where he took control of one of the old associate’s car and Barry had to dismantle the whole car with some tools to stop the car from crashing into a construction crew. There was also that time when Kilgore took control of Barry’s new suit that Cisco upgraded with technology. (Isn’t that just a coincidence??) All in all, Barry stopped the new meta, and found out some things about himself, including the fact that Kilgore didn’t get his powers from the particle accelerator and that there are many more of these mysterious metas who didn’t originate from the explosion at Star Labs.

So enough about the villain. Let’s get into the real juicy part of the episode: the lovers' quarrels. Let's start off with the easier one first, Cisco and Gypsy. Gypsy was upset with Cisco because he put their date on hold to help Barry. This was a no-no because Gypsy wanted to celebrate 1/1/1 day where one soul + one soul = some other soul…or something like that. I zoned out on this part just because the issue seemed force. It didn’t take long to resolve.  A little communication between the two vibers and they were back to normal.

The bigger issue was between Barry and Iris. Barry was acting more like the leader of the relationship rather than a partner to Iris. He took control of so many things like the marriage planning and avoiding Iris’s suggestions to save the runaway car. This lead the power couple to seek couple’s therapy thanks to a suggestion from Caitlin. The therapy scenes were hilarious, particularly when the pair are seen trying to talk about their issues without revealing Barry is The Flash. Of course, it did get serious when Iris finally explained to Barry that she felt as if he abandoned her when he left to enter the Speed Force. Now, make no mistake, it does make sense where Iris is coming from. It was a little selfish of Barry to leave so suddenly, but let’s take this from the perspective of the viewer. Barry sacrificed his life to the Speed Force to save all of humanity from it’s vicious power. Iris was also being selfish for giving Barry slack for leaving. Rather than getting on any #WestAllen fan’s bad side, there is a comment on this, simply that the whole drama seemed pushed from the writers to cause just that, drama. Yes, it is a CW show but don’t make the power couple fight over a forced issue.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- Isn’t the bachelor pad from the beginning of the episode the same apartment that Thea lived in, that Oliver moved into, and eventually Felicity took over on that show called Arrow? Wonder if that was planned...

-- Loved the nod to Oliver (Stephen Amell) as the Green Arrow on the newspaper.

-- 1/1/1 day was so sappy. Is that what Earth-2 would think of our Valentines Day?

-- The was a “fast” joke that Barry said during the therapy session. 

-- How exactly did Kilgore get his powers? How many more new metas are there? What does The Thinker want with them??? WE NEED ANSWERS.

-- Definitely missing Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh)!

-- Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) powers are really giving her a tough time.

-- The new Flash suit was cool up until the inflatable part and that time Kilgore used his powers to almost self-destruct Barry. Ohhh, good times.


Review: The Flash 4x02 “Mixed Signals”: Good

All in all,  an average episode. Everyone solved their issues in their relationships and we got another view of The Thinker doing what he does best…thinking!!!

Until next time heroes!

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