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By Christopher Ross (@Boss_Ross92)

( The CW )

(The CW)

Who runs the world? Girls run the world! The Flash 4x05 "Girls Night Out" was a fun, refreshing episode of The Flash. Where the typical episode tends to revolve around Barry (Grant Gustin) and his fight against the newest baddie of the week, it was nice to have an episode where the men took a backseat and the women of Team Flash took care of business.

With Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry’s wedding coming closer each week, it was time the two had their own bachelor and bachelorette parties. On the guys end, Cisco (Carlos Valdes)  planned a nice bachelor party at Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) place, filled with an old slideshow of Barry and hopefully a couple cigars. This all went out the door when Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) showed up and took all the men to a strip club. One I might add, which had a #1 customer plaque of his face nailed onto a post in the club. Eventually thanks to a super tonic created by Cisco, Barry was able to get drunk. One thing led to another and the boys eventually found their way into jail with no way to contact the women.

On Team Iris’ end, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and a surprise cameo by Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) rounded up the bachelorette party. What started out as a nice night out for dinner, ended up being a kickass adventure for the women of The Flash. This episode centered on the women and their clash with Amunet Black portrayed by the amazing Katee Sackoff. Black, who also goes by Blacksmith, is an underground crime lord for the meta-human black market where she sells stolen technology. It turns out that at one point, she even did a deal with Caitlin for technology to block Frost from taking over, but it came with a price: Amunet made Caitlin her muscle. Eventually Caitlin left Amunet’s side and enter the main plotline of the night.

Katee Sackhoff  as Amunet Black (via  @KateeSackhoff 11/7/2017 )

Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black (via @KateeSackhoff 11/7/2017)

It's worth mentioning that Amunet Black has the ability to control metal, which she uses repeatedly throughout the episode in such a badass fashion. Iris, Cecile, and Felicity are brought into the whole affair when they find out Amunet has kidnapped a new meta whose tears create a very alluring drug. It’s up to the women to stop Amunet, rescue the new meta, and figure out a way to help Caitlin who has gone full Frost.

Eventually Team Iris (Which is what this group will be referred as until I come up with something better) gets the better of Amunet, with a little help from Killer Frost and stop the new villain and save the newest meta. What irked me in the final act was how easily the women were to allow the kidnapped meta to just run off and when they allowed Amunet to just escape. Obviously, it was to help move future plots along but it all seemed to simple.

My two favorite characters of the night were Amunet and Caitlin/Frost. When I saw that Felicity was going to be in this episode, I though Emily Bett Rickards was going to steal the show but that wasn't the case. First off, Katee Sachoff’s Amunet was both frightening and fantastic at the same time. She managed to be a scary villain for the women but also kept me so entertained by Sachoff’s amazing talent. Hopefully she will be in a few more episodes this season in a bigger arc. Danielle Panabaker really stole the show however with her dual character portrayal. For someone who sometimes gets the short end of the stick when it comes to character development, Panabaker really hit it out of the park with this episode when she showed Caitlin’s battle with suppressing her darker side and how deep down, Frost can still show some element of good like she did at the end of last season. I want them to continue with Caitlin’s story and hopefully see a transition in Frost from kinda villain/kinda hero to full out hero. Wishful thinking? I hope not.

Quick Notes/Remarks

 -- So the newest meta had tears that could be consumed like a drug. Instead of hitting the guys to make him cry, a better solution would be too make him chop some onions….waka waka!

-- Weird one eyed guy essentially has a snake-like Demogorgon that comes out of his socket.

-- Cecile and Joe are so adorable when they both have the same fear of having another child. It was great to see that subplot get resolved quickly, rather than have it dragged out for too long.

-- Speaking of Joe, that scene in the strip club with Cecile’s daughter as one of the strippers really blindsided me. Did not see that one coming.

-- Ralph is slowing becoming my favorite character purely based on his comedic relief.

-- Barry drunk and telling everyone he is The Flash was fantastic.

-- What is The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) up to with his very cool hovering chair and kidnapping the poor meta that just escaped his last kidnapper?


Review: The Flash 4x5 “Girls Night Out”: Great!

I would like more Katee Sachoff please. Team Iris was pretty boss in this weeks episode and I hope to see more girl power soon. Hopefully we get to figure out The Thinker’s plot sooner then later and perhaps he teams up with Amunet Black?

Until next time heroes!

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