The Flash 4x06 "When Harry Met Harry" | Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

( The CW , via   Grant Gustin  )

(The CW, via Grant Gustin)

What’s better than one Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh)? Try about FOUR Harrisons and you got yourself a party. At least that’s how The Flash 4x06 felt when Earth-2 Harry called upon his multiverse doppelgängers for help in solving the identity of the mysterious DeVoe (Neil Sandilands). First, there was Harrison Wolfgang Wells of Earth-12. Next was H. Lothario Wells, a billionaire playboy-like Harry. Finally was Wells 2.0, who resembled someone from a Terminator mock film. I guess I can mention Wells the Great, a knockoff of Gandalf, but he was quickly removed from the group. Eventually after some life lessons Harry learned about teamwork, the group of Wells were able to work together to find the DeVoe Team Flash was looking for, but more on that later.

The other main plot-line involved another bus meta who decided to use their powers for evil. The villain of the week was Mina Chayton, aka Black Bison (Chelsea Kurtz), who has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life. Her main mission in the episode was to take back the three pieces of a Sioux necklace and return it to her people. However, she killed a man with a stone statute of a lion, took on Flash (Grant Gustin) and Ralph (Harley Sawyer) with a knight, used a caveman model to steal the necklace, and brought a T-Rex to life. Although noble in her motives, she still used her power to break the law and had to be stopped. With the combined help of Barry and Ralph, Team Flash added another W to the win column.

On the subject of Ralph, I want to say how happy I was to see some great character development for him. The last couple episodes have taught viewers two things about Ralph: 1) he's kind of selfish, and 2) he can be a chauvinistic pig. Episode 6 started off as no different for him. He didn’t quite understand that saving the day also meant letting the baddie escape in order to rescue the innocent. Eventually his conscious caught up to him and he saw how his actions can hurt those around him when he failed to rescue a little girl in order to catch Black Bison. Luckily the girl wasn’t seriously hurt and we got a nice scene where Ralph visited the girl and used his arms to make a balloon animal. After a heart-to-heart with Barry, Ralph learned a valuable lesson on caring. This would help later in the episode when he saved a security guard from the T-Rex attack when he had the chance to catch the Bison. A hero is within Ralph and after a few more lessons from one Bartholomew Allen, Elongated Man arrive.

Finally, in the last minutes of the episode, Team Flash have a match on the DeVoe they have been searching for. Turns out, The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) lives in a regular house with his “wife” aka The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) and he’s in a wheelchair, which further adds to his mystery. What is the mysterious character up too?


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- I await the day when we have a Rick and Morty-esque adventure involving Harry and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and a Citadel of Wells. 

-- Baby violence solves nothing!

-- The hypnosis scene with Ralph was hilarious. Not to mention Ralph is kind of a sleaze when he refers to women by their bra size. 

-- I laughed harder than I have at any other episode when Cisco gave Ralph his ridiculous prototype suit.

-- Great play on Jurassic Park.

“For the love of Jeff Goldblum."

-- How does Ralph get punched across the room by the Knight but doesn’t get phased when he was shot numerous times in the beginning of the episode?

-- It was a little cheesy that Ralph tied himself around the T-Rex’s mouth but it still played well.

-- I love how Barry thinks Team Flash has a chance to get ahead of DeVoe. How naïve when they haven’t had their mid-season Christmas episode to signal the start of the climax. 


Review: The Flash 4X6 When Harry Met Harry: Good

Although the episode was more of a filler than anything, it served its purpose of solving the DeVoe mystery (which we will see more of in the next episode) and it offered some well-needed character development for Ralph who is on his way to taking on his alter-ego, Elongated Man.

Until next time heroes!

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