GAME OF THRONES 803 - “The Long Night”: Discussion

In a series of articles, we’ll be discussing our thoughts and opinions on each of the remaining SIX EPISODES, so without further ado, let’s get started discussing Game of Thrones 803!

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GOT’s highly anticipated FIRST battle of the season is HERE. And it was no ordinary battle either! Clocking in at 82 minutes “The Long Night” felt more like a movie than a television show!

“The Night King is Coming” - Battlefront Scenes

Prutha: But was he though?? We’ve been waiting so long for this fight and GOT was literally like, “Nah, we’re going to keep you in the dark some more.” At one point I didn’t even think he was even there anymore! Not sure anyone could totally judge me for that either, we hadn’t seen him ONCE this whole time since he got his own ice dragon. Quick side note: I’ve NEVER been more stressed out for a television show before. The Wights (or zombie looking things) are what I’m going to have nightmares about for the next few weeks. What an utterly STUNNING scene it was seeing to see Dany (Emilia Clarke) and Jon (Kit Harrington) on dragons unleashing some Reign of Fire type of attack. The actual scene that showed us what a fighter’s actual first person perspective was incredible. The person fighting there would’ve met those quick bursts of a wight face then cut to black, repeat. So good! Must be hard fighting in darkness like that, after all, as kids, most of us were afraid of the dark...

Kate: There was so much tension built in the beginning of this episode. I had spent the week (and last two years) mentally preparing for this battle and I just wanted it to be OVER WITH. I, too, thought for a moment that maybe the White Walkers went around Winterfell and straight to King’s Landing. But as soon as we saw the Dothraki’s flames burn out in the distance, my heart sank and I braced once more for the inevitable. That first shot of the literal wall of ravenous Wights made me shriek. After that, it was kind of hard to tell what was really going on during this epic night battle, but it felt like the living were mightily out-numbered and out-magic’d in their attempt to defeat the dead.

Retreat + Breach

Prutha: This truly hurt to watch, we always knew it wasn’t going to be a fair fight but wOW! It was almost too easy for the Night King’s army to push themselves up to the doors of Winterfell. The “man the walls” dialogue had me nerVOUS, let me tell you. The army then piling up and over the wall, it’s not even fair how easy this all was. The horror fan in me had to reckon with the fact that, apparently, my dream television zombie project was going to be an episode of  GOT all along! But I didn’t know that until I watched this episode! I wonder which uber vague GOT prophet would’ve foreseen that, huh?

Kate: There were so many times during this episode when I thought hope was utterly, completely lost. The dead piling up over the Melisandre’s magical fire fence was definitely one of those moments. The battle was so brutal and seemingly endless. It’s hard to believe so few of our favs bit it during any of this…


Prutha: I love when Melisandre (Carice van Houten) does any of her dark magic on GOT. If OUAT taught me anything, it’s that all magic comes with a price, dearie! What that price is, we have yet to see! We’ve only gotten to see bits and pieces of the dark magic but THANK YOU, Melisandre, for showing up when you were needed. The fire swords didn’t help the Dothrakis much but at least she got the fire barrier encircling the castle to work. Even if the barrier plan itself then didn’t really end up working out as planned either, still enjoyable to see and have some hope that our heroes would prevail. (Pfttt, el oh el, riiiighttttt.) Ultimately, with displays of fire and ice in the mix during this battle, there was no shortness of beautiful scenes this episode! Consider me a big fan of seeing the blues and reds against all that blackness.

Kate: It was fun to see Melisandre flexing her magic at Winterfell. She gave us small glimpses of hope for the living, which were severely needed. Later, when Arya (Maisie Williams) and The Hound (Rory McCann) find themselves in a room with Melisandre during the battle, we are reminded of the prophecy Melisandre said to Arya when they met back in season 3; that Arya would “shut many eyes forever.” And that she did. "Brown eyes. Green eyes. And blue eyes…” Melisandre continues. Arya knows immediately what she must do, even if the rest of us aren’t connecting the dots yet.


Prutha: Not-Bran using his Three-Eyed Raven abilities (I guess thats what we’d call it?) to see none other than THE NIGHT KING, OH MY DAYS, I was SCARED. Him just chilling there while Theon (Alfie Allen) did the thing was brutal. Not-Bran, so...are you going to do something...more? We need your help Bird Boy! Can’t wait to see what that actually is! Only three episodes left! Ahh!

Kate: BRAN what are you DOING? What is your actual purpose? Where did you warg off to while Theon straight DECIMATED the attacking Wights?? Here’s hoping we get some clarity in the remaining episodes. At least Bran gave Theon a warm send off, thanking him and telling Theon he is indeed a good person. Theon gets his ultimate redemption. RIP Theon.

Okay but did Bran know he’d be fine chilling there while the Night King slow-walks up to him? Or was he just prepared to face whatever happened? I would honestly not be mad if the next episode was just 58 minutes of Bran droning facts and answers at us.


Prutha: YES, QUEEN, YES! Arya and her “a girl has no name” training came into U S E fighting the dead in close quarters. Nothing terrifies me more than close quarter horror. Arya, please carry on waving that oddly large killing machine of a staff around! During her first set of scenes, I was all like: Can you just possibly pull a Bronn and figure out how to aim it at an ice dragon, perhaps? That’d be lovely. I think we all agree, the ice dragon needs to go. I vehemently believe that you shouldn’t be allowed to literally BE the ARMY of the DEAD AND get an ice dragon on your side too. That’s just unbelievably slanted. Luckily, me later in the ep: HOLY WHAT?! WHAT?! W H A T T H E W H A T???? It’s only episode THREE. SO HOW???? HOW??? WHAT?!

Kate: Remind me again, what do we say to the god of death? NOT. TODAY. If last week was Brienne’s (Gwendoline Christie) episode, this week’s was Arya’s. First we see her kicking endless ass on the walls, then we get to see her silently slip by a room full of Wights, and finally we get the ultimate Arya moment when she kills the Night King using one of her assassin-Arya tricks. I stood up, jumped up and down, and yelled into the TV in celebration.

There were times I thought we were going to lose her. She definitely wasn’t 100% after that head injury, but thank the old gods for The Hound and his not-so-secret adoration for Arya. And Beric (Richard Dormer) too. (RIP Beric.) I love Arya and will never be ready to see her story end. Plus, she’s still got some names on her list… one in particular with green eyes…

Lady Mormont

Prutha: *drops head dramatically* Lady Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) was meant to be our future leader. May she rest in peace.

Kate: Hers was a hard death to stomach. But the living’s smallest and fiercest fighter took down one of the dead’s largest. Fitting for our bad ass little Lady Mormont.

“Dracarys.” WHOOOSHHHH *smirk*

Prutha: That’s not fair.

Kate: It can never be that easy, right?

Whoever’s not here now is with them.

Prutha: Still not fair.

Kate: We all knew the crypts were a bad idea.


  • How do Dany/Jon not have saddles and/or stirrups of some kind on these dragons? Granted they’re HUGE dragons but with the existence of so many ways to die on GOT already, can’t imagine death by free falling from a dragon is high on anyone’s list! Just seems like a simple thing to prevent?

  • Sansa in the keep - girl, you gotta pick up A BIGGER WEAPON. We clearly need Jean Grey.

  • Was there a one shot in this episode with Jon when he gets back within the walls? With the score music it felt like a video game for a few minutes there! The Last of GOT?

  • The Night King raising new members of the army of the dead around Jon was horrifying as hell.

  • Why does Jon insist on running head first into the worst situations without thinking ahead whatsoever?

  • Hard lol at Jon screaming into the ice dragon’s face.

  • Sansa and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) having their moment was nice.

  • Seriously though, how did more people not die?

  • Tweet of the Night:


But we’re high key worried about next Sunday...

By: Kate Ludewig (@katezor) & Prutha S. Patel (@pspatel)

Note: We may have missed discussing many scenes in this episode, these were merely some that stood out for us. By all means, do let us know if we missed your favorite(s)!