GAME OF THRONES 805 - “The Bells”: Discussion

In a series of articles, we’ll be discussing our thoughts and opinions on each of the remaining SIX EPISODES, so without further ado, let’s discuss the penultimate episode of GOT, episode 805!

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“Men decide where power resides.”

Prutha: ...

Kate: Despite Varys (Conleth Hill) being ultimately right about Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), this line was still annoying as hell.  


Prutha: We’re most definitely going to be hearing a lot of this command these last two episodes, aren’t we?

“I love you and you will always be my Queen.”

Prutha: No, no, no. I can’t watch this and this will always be something I dislike.

Kate: Hard agree with Prutha on this. Every one of their “love” scenes has felt weird and awkward. Glad this is (hopefully) completely over now…

“Cersei once called me the stupidest Lannister.”

Prutha: I haven’t laughed out loud in a GOT episode in a good minute! I feel so bad for Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) though, he’s running around trying prevent everything from going to hell while everyone around him is planning to act in retaliation of what has happened so far. He seems like the sole level-headed person on GOT right now. Maybe not so if Jon ever gets it together. The Tyrion/Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) scene was so bittersweet.

Kate: I really enjoyed this scene between the two Lannister brothers. Tyrion gave Jaime one more shot at not being a completely garbage person, but it’s too bad nobody is actually listening to Tyrion anymore. I’m glad they were able to have a nice closure moment, I just wish Jaime would have maybe learned anything in the past seven seasons.

The Great War Cometh, Holy Hell

Prutha: Arya (Maisie Williams) and The Hound (Rory McCann) walking all calm as people scurry about, ever the badasses. I appreciate them fighting in the middle of the day this time. Cersei (Lena Headey) in her keep looking over the fire, lady, look outside. Check your eyes, you did this.

Cersei’s army dropping their swords was so utterly satisfying. The sound of the swords hitting the gravel, never forget that sound.

Kate: I kept thinking Cersei had to have a backup plan in store for Daenerys and her dragon, but nope. The Golden Army and the wall were burning in mere moments. Cersei’s been chillin’ in King’s Landing for so long she has no real concept of the kind of damage Dany is capable of. And to be honest, neither were the rest of us…. finally they are using the dragon power to its full potential.

I, too, was deeply satisfied with the sound of Cersei’s army giving up on her. Sweet sweet, victory for the “good guys.” Goodbye, Lannister reign.     

“Ring the bell!” “Ring the bell!”

Prutha: Wow, what a well done part of the episode. Cersei clearly hears the cries of her people and there was so much tenseness in the seconds leading up to us finding out whether or not bells would ring. The close up on her and Dany’s face with the bells ringing, Dany’s emotions through realization and her actions following this. NICE, GOT. NICE. In a bad way though. Drama wise, thrilling, but actual acknowledgement of the actions, Dany, you’ve clearly gone...mad. That was brutal!

Kate: I figured Daenerys would go off a bit in this episode, but damn. I was not prepared for her to lay waste to the entire city with barely a pause. And it just kept GOING. Unnecessarily torching thousands of innocent people seems very un-Danylike. I guess she’s not taking any chances anymore. Did she burn down the Iron Throne she’s trying to take a seat on too?  


Prutha: Oh, look, two characters I don’t like but one slightly less than the other. So I guess it’s ok that one should kill the other. I do like redemption stories, but apparently this wasn’t it. *side eyes Jaime*

Kate: Yeah this scene was just kind of….there. Goodbye, pirate Bam Margera. Ye shall not be missed.

The Hound/The Mountain

Prutha: Sorry Cersei, Ser Gregor (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) can’t come to the phone right now. He has to kill his brother. Or try to, at least.

Kate: Cleganebowl, finally! It’s quite fitting the Hound should die by diving into a hell pit of fire and taking his undead, bloated Varys-lookin’ brother down with him.


Prutha: It’s so bizarre, the way this episode plays out, this felt like the final strokes of the story! The Cersei/Jaime (and Tyrion/Jaime) scenes particularly, felt like final episode material to me, hmm. I can’t believe this is how Cersei dies, that wasn’t ok. I wanted her to be killed by a human, not a building collapsing on her.
Kate: I hated this. This is the send off we are giving Cersei? After everything? She’s just weeping in a basement, clutching her idiot brother-lover who, for some reason, decided to abandon everything he’s been doing for the past however many years to run back to his evil tyrant sister-wife just to die beside her. There was something poetic about Cersei dying as the castle literally crumbled around her, I’ll admit. But this entire season has felt like a waste of Lena Headey’s talent and the character of Cersei. Perhaps it would have been helpful to hire a woman writer or two?

“Follow me.”

Prutha: I hate them for making me this nervous about Arya. You leave her alone, Dany on the other hand, can die now. She is no longer a suitable queen and we shan’t be following her anymore.

Kate: My weekly GOT panic attack peaked as Arya was running out from the center of the city. (Also…. Arya walked into the castle with The Hound just to…. run back out?) But thankfully our favorite lil murderer made it out alive, albeit with more concussions than an NFL quarterback. My question: Did Bran send that extremely convenient horse-Uber to get her?


  • You’re telling me we can have the last dragon take his time before Dracarys-ing Varys but we couldn’t get more of Ghost in the last ep?

  • I’d love to see someone calculate the destruction costs for King’s Landing, because YIKES. People have done that for superhero movies before, so, may we suggest doing a rough calculation of this as well?

  • The building collapsing on Cersei, there are going to be a bajillion angry viewers at someone like Arya not getting that kill.

  • Arya didn’t get that Cersei kill, so she’s still got green eyes on her list…… . . .. .. . . . .

  • Looks like Jon Snow is going to have to begrudgingly take the throne from Dany now that he’s seen her go nuts on King’s Landing.

  • I said it earlier, but I have to say it again: Would have been nice of them to hire literally any women writers or directors.

By: Kate Ludewig (@katezor) & Prutha S. Patel (@pspatel)

Note: We may have missed discussing many scenes in this episode, these were merely some that stood out for us. By all means, do let us know if we missed your favorite(s)!