Quick Recap: Team Watchtivist @ LA Comic Con

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

(@ SMCdigitalmedia for watchtivist )

(@SMCdigitalmedia for watchtivist)

I can count the number of times something has left me truly in awe just a handful of times, but nothing was quite like the overwhelming happiness experienced at Los Angeles Comic Con/LACC. The event hosted by Stan Lee, also happened to be my first Con event which is possibly the reason I was in such astonishment. From what I’ve gathered, LACC is unlike the bigger San Diego Comic Con/SDCC. Where SDCC has catered more to larger studios to promote movies and TV, LACC has created a smaller niche for itself as for the fans of comics, sci-fi, fantasy and many more things pop-culture. Imagine a “football field” sized convention center, fill that baby with a geeks paradise and you have the recipe for an amazing convention.

My adventure started Saturday morning when I arrived at the convention an hour before the main hall was set to open. I got there early partially to get a head start on the convention, but primarily because I just couldn’t wait any longer and had to be engulfed in all the Con could offer. Since I arrived so early, I had to wait with everyone else until the main hall doors opened. This gave me the opportunity to walk around the outer areas of the convention center where thousands of attendees were waiting patiently to enter the event. As I walked around in wonder, more than a quarter of the attendees were cosplaying, so as you can imagine, my eyes were already having a sensory overload at how awesome everyone’s costumes were.

When I finally entered the main hall, that's when I reached peak sensory overload. There were hundreds of exhibitors and vendors. Two hours later and it felt like I only saw about half the convention. There were so many comic book sellers, sci-fi vendors, and many, many Pop collectibles. I didn’t do too much shopping but I was able to get my hands on Avengers #12, a Silver-Age comic from the 1960s, which added to my collection. (All I need now is #1 though #4!)

After I made my way through the vendors, I walked by the famous comic book artist and writers who were meeting and signing autographs for fans. Then I made my way to the many actors and actresses who were taking photos, signing autographs, and just having great conversations with the attendees. I managed to walk by three of the original Power Rangers and the 5 year-old fanboy in me was filled with nostalgia.

Once I had my share of the celebrities I made myself over to the main stage to see a few panels. First up was a Sabrina the Teenage Witch cast reunion and wow, was that a blast from the past. Melissa Joan Hart has not aged a bit. The cast talked about old memories and what they think their characters have been up to since the series finale. All in all, it was a trip down memory lane and the cast was charismatic as ever.

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The next panel was entitled “Women Who Kick Ass: Sci-Fi Edition” and starred Katee Sackhoff otherwise known as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. The badass actress talked about how she got the role in Battlestar and how all she wanted to do was “shoot a gun”. She also added some helpful advice that she has used in her career. She said that she doesn’t listen to any negativity from critics if it is averse to herself. In other words, she is exactly like her Starbuck character: a total badass!

The final panel I saw was a "Guest of Honor" panel with Chloe Bennet from Agents of SHIELD. Bennet plays Daisy/Quake, an inhuman with seismic abilities. Bennet came on stage and before her panel could begin, she surprised the audience by bringing out Gabriel Luna, who played Ghostrider on last season’s AoS. The two talked SHIELD, real life and even answered a few fan questions. You could tell the pair genuinely appreciated their fans and it was such a treat to have the two interact with the audience.

Well, that wrapped up my time at LACC. I was flabbergasted by the whole event. It was everything I ever dreamed when it came to attending a comic book convention. Here’s to next year and many years after that.


Until next time heroes!


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