Legends of Tomorrow 2x10 "The Legion of Doom" | Recap/Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Frank Ockenfels III & Jordan Nuttall/The CW

Frank Ockenfels III & Jordan Nuttall/The CW

If there was ever a show where you actually wanted to root for the bad guys (for at least one episode that is) it was this week’s Legends of Tomorrow.  The show starts off with a flashback of Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) and past Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) travelling to 2016 right after present day Darhk was killed by the Green Arrow. The duo recruit Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and the three create the Legion of Doom…or whatever Sara (Caity Lotz) would rather call them.

In present day, the three supervillains are trying to get their new hostage, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), to tell them where the other half of the Spear of Destiny is hidden They use tactics like torture and hypnosis but nothing seems to work to get the information they want from Rip, primarily because he doesn’t realize he’s the Rip Hunter we all know. At the same time, Reverse Flash is continuing to bail on the other two villains whenever he gets an alert from his watch. There seems to be something more going on than what old Eobard is letting on.

Merlyn realizes that Rip can’t remember where he left the 2nd half of the Spear, because the memory is no longer in Rip’s head. Darhk goes back in to torture the amnesic hero and ends up pulling out one of Rip’s teeth, where a secret bank account number is hiding on. It’s also worth mentioning that Merlyn and Darhk are at each other’s last nerves and close to an all-out brawl, but that doesn’t come till later. Spoiler alert!

Considered this is a show about the Legends, now might be a great time to talk about what’s happening with them too. Our heroes are trying to figure out what the medallion they took from the Legion of Doom is and ultimately believe that they can use technology to figure out the artifact’s hidden clues. Professor Stein (Victor Garber) suggests heading back to present day Central City to meet up with a “colleague” of his to figure their dilemma out. His colleague turns out to be his time aberration daughter, Lily (Christina Brucato), and he takes her to the Waverider to use the ships technology to decipher the information on the medallion. Lily and Ray (Brandon Routh) manage to upload the medallions information onto Gideon’s (Amy Pemberton) hard-drive and go to celebrate their success, but the celebration is cut short when Mick (Dominic Purcell) lets on that Lily is an aberration. Lily runs off to go confront her dad and poor Ray is left feeling guilty for Mick’s big mouth.

Back to this episode’s true stars. Merlyn and Darhk take Rip to the bank where this secret account is and they have the memoryless Timemaster pretend to be his former self to get into the vault. This fails horribly and the two villains shoot their way out past security to regroup.

At their base of operations or lair or whatever it is, Darhk and Merlyn’s anger with each other finally hits a breaking point and the two go into the oldest of League of Assassins’ traditions with a battle to the death. Luckily Rip manages to talk the two out of killing one another and makes them realize that the real problem stems from Thawne’s lack of respect towards the other two Legion members. The two former League of Assassins then plot against the speedster.

Back on the Waverider, Lily confronts Stein and that leads to an argument and Lily walks away in anger while Stein goes to wallow in his feelings. Luckily the two end up reconciling by the end of the episode and Lily makes her way back to Central City.

The Legends also spend most of the episode attempting to figure out which speedster they are dealing with. Eventually they realize they are dealing with Thawne and also determine the speedster is trying to use the Spear to change reality to prevent himself from being erased from history.

The final part of the episode ends with Darhk and Merlyn setting up a trap for Reverse Flash at the bank vault. When Eobard runs his way into the vault, he takes away the contents of Rip’s safety deposit box from the other two villains. Turns out, the Spear is not in the box but rather a memory device that stores all of Rip’s missing memories.

Darhk and Merlyn end up trapping Thawne in the vault until he explains why he is always leaving in a hurry. Thawne in fear of being erased from history explains to the other two that he is being chased by the Black Flash who resembles the decaying Zoom from last season’s The Flash. The three Legion members come up with a plan to stop the speed demon from killing Thawne. By not using Thawne’s speed, the Black Flash cannot track him and this gives the three just enough time to trap the demon in the vault and flee before it can escape.

The episode ends when the Legion plan to use the memory device to find the Spear and decide to upload the memories back into Rip. We also get to see Rip in 1776 New Jersey, where he points a gun at General George Washington (yes, that one) and shoots the weapon. What does this all mean? Who knows, but next week’s episode of Legends better answer some questions. 


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