Why Everyone's Right For Talking About Steve Harrington

By Sarah Ross (@69daysofsarah)

Note: The following article mentions Stranger Things 2 plot points! Spoiler alert!

( Courtesy Netflix )

(Courtesy Netflix)

With the highly anticipated release of Netflix's Stranger Things second season, fans were preparing for some safe to predict covered storylines; the return of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), some weird upside down shit with Will (Noah Schnapp), and of course the continuation of the Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Johnathan (Charlie Heaton), and Steve (Joe Keery) love triangle. But in typical Duffer Brothers fashion a seemingly unlikely character stole the show and has quickly become a new fan favorite.

Season 2 has become all about the evolution of Steve Harrington! There has been no short of articles and fan accounts dedicated to the honorary DILF. And if we have learned anything from season 2, it’s that everyone loves a reformed douche bag turned semi-incompetent babysitter.

Where it all began…

Introduced as Nancy Byers' "bad boy" love interest Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery, was in the dark most of season 1. Cast as a supporting character he played homage to the iconic 1980’s jock by bullying angsty, Johnathan Byers, and publicly humiliating his girlfriend. The character of Steve was originally written to be killed off, but Keery has managed to win over the hearts of writers and producers and was given a much appreciated larger role. By the end of season 1 Steve managed to partially redeem his bad boy behavior by apologizing to both, Nancy and Johnathan, and kicking some Demogorgan ass!

( Courtesy Netflix )

(Courtesy Netflix)

The transformation we didn’t know we needed until we got it…

There's nothing like a poorly written college personal statement and the crippling realization of adulthood to kick off Steve’s transformation. Whether it was the introduction of new kid Billy (Dacre Montgomery), threatening Steve’s “cool guy” status or his break up with Nancy, we find season 2 Steve struggling with an all too relatable identity crisis. However, in the midst of Steve’s tragic break up arose a surprisingly new friendship. The unlikely duo of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Steve has been the talk of the internet. We find Dustin suffering from a bit of heart break himself this season. After losing his crush (Sadie Sink) to one of his best friends he seemed to have a lot to prove and had no problem recruiting Steve along for the ride. Dustin’s “know it all” attitude seemed to pair perfectly with Steve’s aloof persona. The two characters proved to provide some much needed balance for each other. What Steve lacks in common historical knowledge he makes up with a hair styling techniques, making him the perfect role model for blossoming Dustin. The unlikely pairing propelled possibly the best character development of the new season, allowing Steve to become the charming and often comical protector of not only Dustin but the rest of the “party” as well. Although this new role got him an epic ass kicking by true bad boy Billy, it’s safe to say he won the fight in our hearts.

What’s next for Steve?

Season 2 has definitely shown a new side of Steve but we can’t help but wonder what will be next for the new and approved Steve Harrington. By the end of Season 2, Nancy seemed to take note of her ex-beau’s chivalrous behavior. Will the Nancy, Johnathan, Steve love triangle continue? Was that personal statement debacle a hint that Steve will be passing on college and staying in Hawkins? Unfortunately, these answers won’t answered soon enough but we can thank the number of Steve Harrington fan accounts and memes to hold us over until then and one thing’s for sure…Steve Harrington is finger lickin’ good!

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