MTV Teen Wolf 6x01 "Memory Lost" Recap/Review

By Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)




Since its premiere, back in summer of 2011, MTV’s Teen Wolf hasn’t ever shied away from the utter ridiculous. Note: This is absolutely meant and used in a positive way. The predominantly teen-oriented show has actually been something that is a bit reminiscent of the Buffy tone of things. A group of people who may not have been the first picks for the “A-Team,” find themselves frequently on the front-lines against the supernatural evil forces the town of Beacon Hills faces. Fortunately, it is this exact reason, that they’re such a varied group of individuals, that it works. The sixth and final season of Teen Wolf picks up three months after the season 5 finale. Heading into their final months at Beacon Hills High, the pack has actually faced maybe the most unsettling thing in Beacon Hills yet: quiet. 

The episode begins by quickly catching us up on the newest to join Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) wolf pack, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Hayden (Victoria Moroles), whose date night is cut short not only by their own car troubles (bad), but also another (windshield-smashed, driver-less) creep-rolling car (double the bad). Inside the car is a boy whose first words upon meeting Liam and Hayden are, “Don’t let them take me!” Ahhhh, and there we go! That’s the Beacon Hills we know and love! 

Cut to Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) getting caught by Sheriff Stilinksi (Linden Ashby) after (accidentally, of course) crashing a car when attempting to save the town from a criminal who has taken off with some stolen goods. Much to their chagrin, the Sheriff promptly shows the two that they didn’t save the town from a criminal mastermind who’d made off with life-saving medicine, explosives or anything serious of the sort. Turns out all the dude stole were cylinders of helium.  *Makes voice higher* Helium

Following this, perhaps one of the cutest scenes from the episode, featured a conversation between the two best friends. Scott points out that maybe this incident was a sign that the town doesn’t really need them anymore, but Stiles interjects saying that “town would burn down” if it weren’t from them. And case in point, saved by the ringer, it’s DAD (Sheriff Stilinski) calling Stiles to get him to come to the Sheriff’s station to set up what is surely is to be the season six arc. Yay! 

At the station, Scott and Stiles are introduced to the boy Liam and Hayden had met from within the creep-rolling car. Scott does his wolf-memory flashback thing to discover that the boy’s (whose name is Alex) parents have been taken by a suspicious cowboy man on a horse. Unfortunately for the residents of Beacon Hills, but fortunately for the viewers, “they’re coming back." And this time, they're coming to to finish the job by taking the kid too. 

The newly discovered details creates the perfect reason to reunite more of the pack members, including Banshee, Lydia (Holland Roden) and werecoyote Malia (Shelley Hennig), who are then seen playing CSI as they try to protect the kiddo from the evil that lurks in the woods. 

With that in the back of their minds now, quite a bit of the episode is focused on the pack’s other task: finishing high school! It’s all too easy to forget that these are still high schoolers, they’ve just been forced to go through things that essentially no one their age ever should. If you asked me to go up against the Dread Doctors while I was in high school? The answer’s going to be a polite, but straight up, no. Yearbook photos, psych papers, physics class...essentially all of the general high school problems one can think of are also things on the pack’s respective plates. Since this is Teen Wolf however, added to the shenanigans they get into is of course the fact that majority of the characters on the show have special abilities of some sort. Upon noticing that his phone’s compass isn’t working, Mason (Khylin Rhambo) convinces Corey (Michael Johnston) to show off his ability to become invisible and steal the physics teacher’s compass from the supply closet. When Hayden asks what Mason’s going to do with it, just like any compass-touting person would, he responds with, “I’m going to follow it.” Surely that won’t lead to anything intriguing, right? 

Knowing all of the things they know and having the ability to do all of the things they can do, sure does make it supremely difficult to have the patience to wait for that 3:30pm dismissal bell to ring! But when it does, the episode focuses on them trying to piece together more clues about the mysterious man on the horse. 



Scott and Dylan visit Alex’s (dusty) house, only to be shocked minutes later when Mason and Liam arrive there as well (compass!). At the house they begin to question Alex’s story and flashbacks when they notice the pictures of Alex and his parents (in the only normal looking part of the house, Alex’s room) all have his parents erased from them. 

When the mysterious cowboy man makes an “appearance” in the house, the compass bizarrely begins to spin. The compass spins all while Mr. Cowboy man is shooting at Stiles! (NOOOOO!) Luckily, the shots don’t actually hit their mark. The gang is quickly updated on the fact that the parents weren’t just taken, but actually erased from existence. A conversation between Stiles and Lydia then triggers one of Lydia’s Banshee abilities and she remembers song lyrics. The song lyrics then gives us a name to latch on to for the season, The Ghost Riders. (Side note: Remind me to pick Lydia for my trivia team!) 

For weeks/months now we’ve known that this would be happening (take a look at the poster released for the season), but even with that knowledge, the ending of the episode was pretty heartbreaking. Stiles is seen frantically going from person to person, (in reality, from friend to friend, and most alarming, to parent), noticing one consistency: No one seems to remember him. The only person who notices is Lydia (#Stydia feels!), who quickly understands that the Ghost Riders are after him (to erase him from existence). Realizing that he’s out of time, Stiles tells Lydia that it’s up to her now, to make the rest of the pack remember who he is. At this point, it’s not just about protecting Beacon Hills from the Riders, but also about making sure people remember and care about Stiles enough to crusade to get him back. Back to where he belongs. 

TL;DR: Overall, an interesting way to start off the season. With Stiles erased from the team’s memories, it’ll understandably be difficult for them to get him back. Remember, this is STILES we’re talking about! He’s always been a pillar and huge part of the team. Without him and all the help he offers to face each villain, it’ll be interesting to see how the team works without him, to save him. 

To quote Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) in Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone (2001) when he receives a Remembrall, "Only problem is, I can't remember what I've forgotten."

Miscellaneous thoughts/concerns:
How do The Ghost Riders get in and out of places without being seen? 
What are the motives for their “Wild Hunt” or taking (uhhh erasing) people?

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