NYCC 2019: Impulse Season 2

Set to debut its second season on October 16th (available for free on YouTube), Impulse, based on the Doug Liman-directed Jumper movie, tells the story of Henrietta (or “Henry”) Coles (Maddie Hasson) as she struggles in the aftermath of a traumatic experience rousing newly discovered teleportation abilities. 

Season 2 kicks off with the continued exploration of Henry’s abilities as she dodges police inquiries regarding the events following said traumatic experience, potentially learning to control her powers and more. Speaking about the show at NYCC 2019, creator/executive producer/director, Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) notes his prior inability to tell the story as he would have liked for the film version, but with the show, he’s been given a second chance. Referring to it as “the ultimate in reshoots, but this time, with writer/producer Lauren LeFranc (Agents of SHIELD) serving as showrunner for the series. The duo discussed their creative process at NYCC, going into detail about the creative push and pull, adding more twists and turns, overall elevating and changing the show to forego the sophomore slump. The goal was to have a second season they were equally passionate about and could stand behind. With season one having linked Henry’s powers to her trauma, LeFranc went on to note season two’s larger and deeper conversation about trauma. All the while, still focused on the emotional situation that she’s experienced.

What sets Impulse apart is undoubtedly the main character, Henry Cole. Hasson mentions perhaps not having liked the role as much had Henry been a “cookie-cutter version of a female character, if she was made to be likable or [had] all the bad female tropes,” we’ve seen before. Impulse IS a show about a girl with powers, but it also manages to be one of a different variety by featuring issues that are perhaps of the lesser-featured sort. The powers and storylines ultimately feel grounded, easily warranting a watch. Or binge, the choice is yours.

Cast: Maddie Hasson, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, Craig Arnold, Tanner Stine, Missi Pyle, Daniel Maslany, Callum Keith Rennie

Where: YouTube

When: 10/16


By: Prutha S. Patel (@pspatel)

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