Spider-Man: Far From Home - Our Adorkable Peter Parker Returns


Avengers: EndGame culminated a 22-film arc spanning well over a decade, went on to earn the (currently) second place spot for the ALL TIME Worldwide Box Office Receipts record and, of course, stands in a franchise that has earned the adoration of millions of fans globally. After the bittersweet farewell to The Avengers (as we know them), Spider-Man: Far From Home had precisely the weighty task of following up EndGame. Did it succeed? It sure did. 

Far From Home/FFH, picks up right after Avengers: EndGame and continues to capitalize on Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) hero journey from his initial appearance in Captain America: Civil War through to this latest entry. With father-like figure, Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) having sacrificed himself in order to defeat titan Thanos (Josh Brolin), Peter is somewhat lost. The film does a notable job of reminding viewers that despite the offworld adventures Peter has had so far…he’s still a high school kid. We’re reminded of the fact that despite having been made an Avenger, he wants to have a regular summer and focus on his relationships with his friends and family like any kid his age would. Throughout the movie, we see Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) push Peter to strive to be the hero Stark always knew he could be. FFH sets up Fury and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) teaming Peter up with the mysterious Mysterio/Mr. Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) to fight The Elementals, immortal forces controlling wind, water, earth and fire. Essentially, as Mysterio puts it, “Avengers-level” threats, all while Peter and his classmates are on a school field trip to Europe. Somewhat generic villain problems aside, the most fun is had seeing Peter coming into his own with relatively little guidance. But the guidance he does receive, Quick (but necessary) side note: Can you BELIEVE WE GOT JAKE GYLLENHAAL IN THE MCU?! Not sure what we did to deserve this but huge thanks out to whoever we should be thanking for that.

Among the most refreshing choices presented in Spider-Man: Homecoming was the skipping of Uncle Ben’s demise and Peter already having his abilities post-spider-bite. With FFH, we’re now already watching from a POV of Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) aware of Peter’s secret identity and oh my days, it’s such a delight to see the duo’s relationship growth from Homecoming. Aunt May is clearly the coolest and it’s nice to see this version of their parent-guardian relationship.  

Alongside the uber serious mission, there’s also the general high school drama one would expect from this type of story. And to be absolutely honest, possibly the most perfect way to have followed up the heart stomping that occurred in EndGame, was the way in which the high school drama is presented here. Midtown High’s very own MJ (Zendaya), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori) and a handful of other students are on the trip with Peter. Particularly interesting was FFH’s explanation of what happened to all the people who dusted away and then reappeared five years later. As far as comic book science explanations go, FFH tackles it, in its own amazing way, and proceeds to barrel roll on forward to get to the other good stuff. 

As the trip goes on, Peter struggles between going off on these (conveniently sabotaged) side missions for Fury and keeping his secret identity…a secret. Certain people have begun to become suspicious of where Peter runs off to right as chaos ensues and it makes for great comedic fun throughout. FFH also also sets up its fair share of incredibly charming couples, resulting in some moments of all the giddy feels from yours truly. Doing due diligence and not spoiling exactly which couples, just trust that it’s flipping ADORABLE. Similar to the tone of Ant-Man and Ant-Man and The Wasp, FFH provides an atmosphere balancing drama with the comedy. 

TLDR take: FFH easily cements Tom Holland’s status as the most adorkable Peter Parker yet. Leaving this movie was NOT like leaving EndGame, chances are you’re leaving with a smile plastered on your face. Can’t wait to see more from the Midtown Science crew. And lastly, the mid and post-credits scenes provide precisely enough teasing and set up to springboard off of for the next installment!

Until then, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Woman signing off.

By: Prutha S. Patel (@pspatel)

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