Supergirl 2x09 "Supergirl Lives" | Review

By Christopher Ross (@Boss_Ross92)

Frank Ockefels III/The CW

Frank Ockefels III/The CW

Maaldorians and Dominators and Kevin Smith, oh my! This week’s episode of The CW's Supergirl kicks off the second half of the show’s sophomore season with a bang and has already introduced new questions for fans to ponder. Not only did this episode lay down the foundation for the rest of season 2, but we finally got to see Kevin Smith expand his director chops for another Arrowverse show. Maybe lacking the Clerks and Dogma writer/director's usual directorial habits, the audience got the definite sense that he cared for the script. His deep respect for the cast and crew was also evidenced by the social media buzz leading up to the episode. And as sharp eyed fans might've noticed, he also found a place for his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, in the episode to play the role of a kidnapped young woman. 

The episode begins with a car chase, a couple rocket launchers, and a Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) interference in Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) heroics yet again. Does anyone else feel like James may still be a little too over his head with his new vigilante role on the show? On top of Guardian coming in to “save the day,” Winn (Jeremy Jordan) almost gets shot trying to take on a bad guy of his own. Luckily, James came to the rescue, but one may validly wonder where Supergirl was during all that commotion...

The main plot of the episode revolved around the disappearance of various National City citizens and Supergirl’s mission to find the missing daughter of a (rightfully) concerned mother who came to CatCo seeking help from Kara. Kara and Mon-El (Christopher Wood) team up hoping to find the young woman and also figure out what happened to the other missing people. This leads them to an off-world human trafficking scheme lead by Roulette (Dichen Lachman). Roulette along with the Maaldorians are using a portal to transport humans to Slaver’s Moon to be sold for the right price and it is up to Supergirl to put an end to this plot.

When Kara and Mon-El make their way to the planet via the portal, they soon find out that planet revolves around a red sun making the two heroes powerless. They quickly get themselves captured and are put in the same jail with the very people they were searching for. During this time, Kara finds out that a Dominator is there and has bought all the missing people. It seems that producer Greg Berlanti may be trying to set up another (hopefully varied) Dominator conflict for later in the season.

The Slaver’s Moon plot ends with Supergirl escaping with all the prisoners but not before a weird confrontation between Mon-El and the Dominator. It seems like the Dominator spared Mon-El’s life for some reason that is not clear yet but creates an intriguing plot line for that lone Daxamite.  

When Supergirl, Mon-El and the rest of the kidnapped human’s arrive at the portal, Alex and Winn are there to help the group and transport everyone back to Earth.  

A few smaller plot lines are worth mentioning. The Alex/Maggie storyline hit yet another snag when Alex (Chyler Leigh) had an emotional moment when finding out Kara went missing and decided to put some of her distress into making a quick decision on her relationship with Maggie (Floriana Lima). It seems like every time this relationship hits a good stride, there's always some unwelcome and unfortunate drama for the couple. The other plot line that may not have gone over so well was Winn’s sudden run-in with his own mortality following his near-death experience closer to the opening of the episode. Due to the quick resolution, it seemed a bit forced to see Winn gain his confidence back so quickly.  

Overall, this week’s Supergirl had a lot of great action, an interesting cameo by a Dominator, and further expanded on the chemistry between Kara and Mon-El. Hopefully, we will be getting to see Mon-El suit up in his own costume soon or perhaps seeing a storyline for Guardian that raises the stakes...


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