Supergirl 2x10 "We Can Be Heroes" | Recap/Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

[Spoilers Ahead]

The CW’s Supergirl 2x10 was nothing short of being truly electrifying! Yes, that was a play on words and no, there isn’t any regret in saying it. This week’s episode brought back an old nemesis, a Martian mind meld, and what felt like teenage angst between a couple of super-powered heroes. Yet once again, no super-suit for Mon-El (Chris Wood). Let’s begin this shindig!

We Can Be Heroes” starts us off with a training session with Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El. Kara is trying very hard to get the Daxamite up to speed on the whole superhero business. Also at the DEO, M’gann (Sharon Leal), who has been in a DEO holding cell starts to have a mental breakdown and ends up going into a coma, but more on that later.

The true star of the episode is Livewire (Brit Morgan), who makes her long awaited return after we last saw her getting apprehended by the Flash (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl from last season’s team-up. The charged up villain is shown locked up in prison going through a therapy session with a shrink. The session is cut short however when a prison guard and an inmate take out the therapist and an escape ensues.

Oh, and did you know that Livewire is Supergirl’s big nemesis? Right away, we get a sense that Supergirl has some more animosity towards the supervillain than the last time they met. Kara cuts short some playful bantering between Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Mon-El who were discussing the escapee and her ability to turn Winn’s girlfriends evil.

In the meantime, James (Mehcad Brooks) is getting ready to tell Kara the truth about his recent escapades as Guardian by slowly dropping hints to her about not facing Livewire alone, but he is quickly shut down when Kara suggest teaming up with Mon-El instead. It’s uncertain at this point whether the writers were trying to test the waters with a love triangle between James, Kara and Mon-El, or if James was simply upset that Kara would suggest taking an amateur or himself to go take down Livewire. 

Well, it’s not long before Livewire is all over the news creating havoc at the police station garage. Supergirl and Mon-El show up to save the day. When both heroes drop down, this time with Mon-El wearing what almost looks like a standard DEO/all-black outfit. Mon-El’s red sunglasses just didn’t cut it in the form of a costume. Here’s hoping next week gives us the suit we want. The two superheroes are met with the escaped prisoner and the prison guard from earlier who have their own electricity powers. Guardian comes in to help rescue the police officers in danger and is knocked unconscious right before the new metahuman escapes through the wires. Kara takes off Guardian’s helmet to check on him, thus revealing that James is the masked vigilante.

Back at the DEO, our heroes find out that Livewire did not really escape but was taken prisoner. Kara has an expected change of heart and realizes Livewire is the victim in this who charade. We find out that a mad scientist is using Livewire’s powers to create super soldiers and James and Winn think they can take on the new foe by themselves. Eventually Supergirl, Mon-El, and Guardian take on the mad scientist and his new creations with a little help from Livewire, who puts her issues with Supergirl aside (for the moment) to take down the man who violated her powers. Kara allows Livewire to escape for the time being, after the rogue spared the life of the evil scientist.

The episode ends in a cliché CW fashion. Mon-El finally renounces his “like” for Kara but she does not openly reciprocate even though everyone knows she has a thing for him too. At least now this relationship is starting to get a little more heated after all the romantic buildup.

Quick Notes/Remarks

-- J’onn (David Harewood) mind melded with M’Gann to rescue her from the coma she was in and found out that she put her life at risk to rescue green Martians back on Mars. He was finally able to put the past behind and consider M’Gann as a friend. Right after this, we find out that M’Gann was physically attacked by another white Martian so it seems like we might be getting a white Martian invasion storyline coming up?

-- Winn is possibly king of one liners. Want: Winn and Cisco meeting up in a future crossover. Maybe Cisco can help create a new outfit for Mon-El?

-- The Alex/Maggie story wasn’t very big this week but we did get to see some lovely chemistry between Chyler Leigh and Florina Lima.

-- Hopefully Kara gets on board with James and Winn fighting crime. The team up with her, Guardian, and Mon-El was so exciting!



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