Supergirl 2x11 "The Martian Chronicles" | Recap/Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Who’s afraid of the big, bad, White Martian?  Episode 2x11 of Supergirl, "The Martian Chronicles, seemed like a cross between Little Red Riding Hood and maybe a shapeshifter episode of Supernatural. It was definitely one of the most entertaining episodes of the season and really expanded on the White Martian storyline. So without further ado, let us begin!

We begin with a continuation of last week’s Mon-El/Kara love-storyline, where last we checked, Mon-El (Chris Wood) professed his “like” for Kara (Melissa Benoist) but she didn’t reciprocate right away because it’s the CW. The episode starts off with Kara trying to explain once more that she doesn’t have the same feelings for Mon-El that he does for her, but she spits out a lot of word vomit and makes matters worse. To make matters worse, Kara reminds Alex (Chyler Leigh) that today was Kara’s Earth birthday (the day Kara landed on Earth), but Alex had already made plans with Maggie (Florina Lima) to go see The Barenaked Ladies in concert. Of course Kara tells Alex to go, but deep down, is disappointed.

This episode also gave us a fantastic White Martian storyline after taking last week’s episode to set it up. J’onn (David Harewood) has been following M’gann (Sharon Leal) since he let her leave the DEO in fear that she might be confronted by the White Martians that psychically attacked her. His suspicions were correct when a White Martian attacked the two in the alleyway of the bar. It took Supergirl to fight the villain off.

M’gann assures J’onn that she can take care of herself and doesn’t need the protection of the DEO. Soon after returning to the bar, the White Martian, in human form, returns to confront M’gann. We find out his name is Armek (Terrell Tilford) and he was M’gann’s mate at one point before she fled Mars. Of course the angry ex wants revenge and threatens M’gann to either come back with him to Mars or he will kill everyone close to her.

M’gann eventually takes up J’onn on his offer for help and goes back with him to the DEO, but when they arrive, another M’gann is already there. It seems that Armek shapeshifted into the M’gann that followed J’onn back to the headquarters. A small fight ensues but the power turns off and Armek escapes before it is turned back on. Soon we have our heroes’ have a debacle on their hands when they realize Armek can be any one of them. J’onn quickly locks down the base and we now have a CW version of a murder mystery dinner, but without the dinner…and with an evil alien.

The audience is treated with a little he is/she is between the main cast and a couple DEO agents, who are accusing each other of being the White Martian. J’onn recommends a test of putting each person’s hand against a fire, because the flame will reveal who is a White Martian. Eventually each character does it until we get to Winn (Jeremy Jordan), who turns out to be the villain and quickly runs away again. It’s also worth noting here how excellent Jeremy Jordan is at playing an evil character, would love to see his evil multiverse counterpart.

Soon our heroes have to deal with a bigger issue than the shapeshifting alien. Armek, using Winn’s thoughts, makes the nuclear reactor that runs the building go critical. It’s a race against the clock to stop the reactor from blowing up and taking part of National City with it.

The group splits up into pair to find the alien and find Winn to prevent the reactor from blowing up. Kara and Alex are together when Kara takes the moment to explain to Alex that she is upset that Alex would go with Maggie to the concert instead of celebrating Kara’s birthday. Kara feels like she is alone at this point in her life. It probably doesn’t help that she has secret feelings for Mon-El but recently rejected him.

At the same time, another emotional moment is coming from J’onn who is explaining his affection for M’gann, but that subplot is put on hold when the two find Winn in a weird gooey trap. Right next to him is another trap that is holding Alex. J’onn warns Kara that there are two White Martians in the building.

Supergirl and fake Alex duke it out by the nuclear reactor, while J’onn and M’gann fight Armek. We get some pretty cool CGI White Martian butt-whooping and some fun banter from Winn who steals the show once again with his great one liners. Eventually Kara knocks out the second Martian and M’gann kills Armek with a metal pipe to protect J’onn.

The final part of the episode begins when M’gann has a quick heart-to-heart with J’onn. She lets him know that she is returning to Mars to see if other White Martian’s will follow in her footsteps and change their malevolent ways. She ends up taking Armek’s ship and leaves on her journey back to Mars but shares a cute moment with J’onn.

Continuing with the whole heart-to-heart theme in these last few minutes of the episode, Alex comes by Kara’s apartment with a celebratory cupcake in hand for Kara’s Earth birthday. Kara also explains her feelings for Mon-El in a vague way but doesn’t want to take the risk of telling him for fear of it backfiring on her. Turns out that fear was too irrational after all. The next day, Kara runs into Mon-El who is taking Eve (Andrea Brooks) out on a lunch date. Guess the Kara/Mon-El shippers will have to keep holding their breath.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- “This did not use to happen at CatCo!” – Winn, King of One Liners.

-- WHO puts a nuclear reactor to power a secret government building that could potentially be attacked by aliens and blow up and destroy the city?!?! This has Death Star oversights written all over it.

-- Oh and don’t forget that Alex really loves her new gun.

-- Still no costume for Mon-El. 


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