Supergirl 2x12 "Luthors" | Recap/Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

The word of Supergirl 2x12 is L for Luthors, or liars, or l’villainous. Ok, that last word was made up, but if a Luthor is known as anything in the realm of comic book fiction, it is definitely villainous. Of course for this review/recap it is Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) who is being referred to, but…spoiler alert…no really spoiler alert, so leave now or forever hold your peace. Ok. Are they gone? Good! By the end of tonight’s episode, the audience gets the sense that Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) might be following the pre-written footsteps of her family name. How else do you explain that creepy music in the background (applause out for Blake Neely) and the maniacal looks she gave? Ok enough rambling. Let’s go!

Tonight’s main plot involved the Luthors, as you might have noticed from the title, or the long introduction. Lillian Luthor is on trial for the attempted genocide of aliens on Earth and various other evil deeds. Lena testified against her mother and had to deal with the wrath of Lillian’s lawyers and the watchful eyes of the media. Luckily Kara (Melissa Benoist) is there to help her new friend deal with her family issues. Kara gives Lena advice to visit her mother and try to mend their relationship. 

Of course, Lena does indeed visit her mother in jail, only for the villain to take another swipe at Lena’s heart-strings. Turns out that Lena, who was “adopted” by the Luthors at the age of 4, is really the illegitimate love child of Lionel Luthor and Lena’s mother, who had an affair behind Lillian’s back. When Lena’s biological mother died, Lionel took in the 4-year-old, without the immediate approval of Lillian. Lillian ends their little jail conversation by telling her daughter that they are the only two Luthors left and essentially, they have to watch their own backs.

Let’s not forget the reintroduction of John Corben, AKA Metallo (Frederick Schmidt), who is currently in jail but was given a package with a new kryptonite heart. Fast-forward to the courtroom where Lillian’s trial is underway. Corben is on the stand to testify, but decides that killing a bunch of people in the room is a lot more fun. Metallo and Lillian escape and a fight between the cyborg and Supergirl ensues outside. The two villains are able to escape after Metallo destroys a huge crane and it forces Kara to save the people below from getting squashed.

At the DEO, Maggie (Florina Lima) receives intel that Metallo hasn’t been visited by anyone since he’s been in jail and had to have received the kryptonite sometime the previous night. Coincidently, the only person to visit the jail that night was Lena, when she was speaking to her mother. Maggie believes Lena gave Metallo the kryptonite after surveillance footage shows Lena taking the green rock out of an L-Corp safe. She is arrested and taken to jail. Of course this doesn’t last long when Metallo shows up and breaks her out. Guardian (Mechad Brooks) shows up attempting to stop the supervillain but Metallo makes quick work of him using that fancy kryptonite laser beam from his chest. I should also note that Metallo’s kryptonite isn’t all that stable and is causing him some side effects but more on that later.

Metallo takes Lena to one of Lex’s old facilitates, where Lillian is waiting for them. Lillian tells her daughter that Lex set up weapon vaults all around the world to defeat Superman and one of the vaults happens to be in the facility. The vault can only be accessed by Luthor DNA and Lena is the only Luthor available, hence why Lillian had Metallo break her out of jail. At this moment, Cyborg Superman (David Harewood) comes out of the shadows, takes Lena, and forces her to open the vault.

Back at the DEO, Winn (Jeremy Jordan) is able to hack L-Corp’s video surveillance and notices that video of Lena’s taking the kryptonite was corrupted by Cyborg Superman. He framed Lena by creating a fake video of her, when in reality it was him who took the kryptonite out of the safe. Oh and the kryptonite Metallo is using turns out to be synthetic and unstable. Kara has very limited time to save Lena before the kryptonite explodes.

Back at the facility, Lillian goes through the vault of weapons and comes across a small metal box. She remarks on how Lex “finished it”. Supergirl shows up and a fight ensues between her and Metallo. Every time Metallo uses his kryptonite beam, the rock decays more and more. Lillian and Cyborg Superman escape before Metallo blows up. Luckily, J’onn comes to save Kara, who was weakened by the Kryptonite. The two heroes and Lena escape in the nick of time right before the radioactive explosion. The episode ends with Lena and Kara having a good moment, but after Kara leaves, Lena has this look on her face as if she is pondering her true purpose in life. As much as it would be interesting to see Lena go full Luthor, the writers have put a lot of emphasis on making Lena one of Kara’s allies. Of course, Lex and Superman were friends at one point, as the episode made clear. So it wouldn’t be a total surprise if Lena takes a page out of her brother’s book and betrays Supergirl.

The two main subplots of this week were on the James/Kara dynamic and the love story between Kara and Mon-El (Chris Wood). As for the former, Kara is still upset whenever James goes into his Guardian alter-ego, especially after almost dying at the hands of Metallo. Luckily the two work out their differences and go back to being friends. As far as inevitable relationship of “Karamel,” turns out that Mon-El’s date last week with Eve (Andrea Brooks) didn’t go so well, since he talked about Kara the whole time. Of course Kara finds out about this and has a heart-to-heart with Mon-El at her apartment. The electricity is in the air and the two are about to kiss when they are interrupted by Mr. Mxyzptlk (Peter Gadiot) who professes his love for Kara. Next week’s episode should be an exciting one.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- How much longer can glasses really fool Lena? (Who at 4 years old, beat her genius brother at chess?) Of course maybe she already knows...and there are bigger plans for the Girl of Steel

-- Loved when the guys were going to meet Alex’s new beau, but turns out to be a belle in Maggie. Winn and James were taken aback, but it seems Mon-El is totally fine with the relationship since Daximite was a way cooler planet when it came to social norms

-- Cyborg Superman reminds me of a knock off Phantom of the Opera with his half cyborg face. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Cyborg Superman, but hope the visuals are better in the future.

-- Anyone else get some goosebumps when they revealed Lex’s war suit in the vault. We also got to see the Atomic Axe, held in the comics by the Persuader. Oh and don’t forget the Black Mercy chilling in a tank.

-- Let’s hope they bring back Metallo. He is too interesting of a villain to just kill of like that.

-- New rating system! Excellent, Great, Very Good, Good, Ok, and Ugh. (If a show gets an Ugh, then do they really deserve to be a show?)



RATING: Supergirl 2x12 “Luthors”: Very Good

There were a couple annoying things such as the Cyborg Superman’s design and the continual argument between Kara and James (although they seemed to work it out finally). However, we did get to see Metallo again and it left us with many questions regarding what was in that box Lillian took. Plus, the episode set us up for Mr. Mzyxptlk next week.

Until next time heroes!



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