Supergirl 2x13 ""Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk"" | Recap/Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Valentines is here and love is in the air, along with magical 5th dimension aliens and jealous male characters. This week’s episode of Supergirl brought Mr. Mxyzptlk to life and all of the hilarity of characters trying to pronouncing his name. When Joel Shuster and Jerry Siegel created the character of Mr. Mxyzptlk back in the ‘40s, I bet they had thousands of frustrated readers trying to say the name of the 5th dimension villain. It got exhausting typing his name over and over again. Let us begin!

Supergirl 2x13 started off right where last week’s episode ended with the potential of a romantic kiss between Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood), but the two were interrupted by Mr. Mxyzptlk (Peter Gadiot), who professed his love for Kara and asked for her hand in marriage. The magical imp showed off his reality bending powers by manifesting flowers, classical musicians, and a ring. He also made quick work of Mon-El, when he transported the Daximite into the DEO and left him with only his undershirt, socks and boxers. Back at the apartment, Mxyzptlk continued to pursue Kara to marry him, but was met with hesitation from the Girl of Steel. It seems Mxy can’t use his powers to make someone fall in love with him, or stop someone from killing themselves, or make you drink orange juice. However, this doesn’t stop him from using his powers in other ways to woo Kara.

The next day, Supergirl is about to stop some jewel thieves but is interrupted by Mxy who takes it upon himself to “rescue” her by attempting to kill the thieves with their own guns. Luckily Kara steps in to stop the bullets from hitting the thieves but Mxyzptlk’s wooing has only begun. 

Back at the DEO, Kara gets some more information on Mxy, along with an aggressive plan from Mon-El who believes the only way to stop the Imp is to kill him. Kara doesn’t agree with his idea and would rather find a non-violent approach to getting rid of Mxy. Luckily, J’onn (David Harewood) has some alien artifacts that might be able to slow down the magical being.

Later that night, Kara is at her apartment with Alex (Chyler Leigh) when Parasite attacks the city. Believing the villain to be deceased, Kara and Mon-El team up to stop it but are interrupted by a flying figure from above. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Mxy dressed up as Superman. He saves the day, but it turns out that he manifested Parasite to impress Kara. Mon-El’s jealousy enters stage left, but in his fit of anger, he informs Kara that Mxy can be stopped if he says his name backwards.

Mon-El takes it upon himself to stop Mxy by using one of the alien artifacts to stop Mxy. He calls upon the villain to show himself but is transported by Mxy to a theater, where the imp proposes an old fashioned duel to the death. This doesn’t go as planned and Mon-El uses the artifact to block the alien’s powers, but Mxyzptlk uses his sleight of hand to take the artifact from Mon-El and destroy it. Mxy is about to kill Mon-El but Kara stops him by accepting his marriage proposal. Kara’s only stipulation is that it takes place the next day at the Fortress of Solitude. The Hamilton nod towards the beginning of the scene just goes to show how well these DCTV shows bring in pop culture.

Flash-forward to the day of the marriage. Mxy has arrived at the Fortress and is calling out for his bride-to-be, only to be greeted by an orange juice drinking Supergirl who refuses to marry the imp. According to Kara, love cannot be forced but rather putting someone’s needs above your own. However, Mxy begs to differ when he brings a 20-foot ice sculpture of Jor-El to life to crush Kara until she becomes his bride. Mxyzptlk doesn’t seem to grasp the idea of love and free will but would rather act like an elementary school boy and pick on his crush instead.

Kara makes quick work of the sculpture and overloads the Fortress’ atomic cauldron, a powerful fusion furnace. Her plan is to blow herself up to escape the control of the 5th dimension alien. Mxy tries to call Kara’s bluff but it seems the only way to stop the overload countdown is to enter a code only Kara knows. Mxy cannot deactivate the countdown and soon begs Kara to tell him the code. Kara obliges by pointing out each button for Mxy to push and the cauldron is deactivated with 2 seconds to spare, but not all is as it seems. The Kryptonian code that Mxy entered was his name backwards and according to J’onn earlier in the episode, writing something down is to truly say it. That’s good enough to send Mxyzptlk back to the 5th dimension, but not before Kara offers him one last piece of advice. You cannot find love, you have to let it find you.

The Valentines themed episode didn’t just affect Kara. Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Alex had their own Valentine issues to deal with. Well, maybe “issues” isn’t the best word for Winn, who had an encounter with a beautiful female alien named Lyra (Tamzin Merchant), at the bar. The two have a quick hook-up later on in the episode, but Winn plays Prince Charming when he meets Lyra at a fancy restaurant. He assures her that he has no problem falling in love with an alien, but rather fears falling for someone in general. Luckily the two have matching views on relationships and decide to take things “slow,” i.e. go back to Winn’s place and well…you know.

I’m going to briefly touch the Alex/Maggie storyline this week because I really didn’t like it. I’ll be honest, I love that Sanvers relationship but I feel that there are forced arguments between the two just for the sake of drama. It seems Maggie (Floriana Lima) hates Valentine’s day and didn’t want to celebrate it. Of course, Alex tries to put her own spin on the day of love to match Maggie’s personality, but this goes bad and Maggie instead tells Alex she lied about how she came out to her parents. Instead of being accepted by her parents, they disowned her after they found out she was gay. Essentially, Maggie had a crush on a girl at age 14, gave the girl a Valentines card professing her feelings, and the girl instead, gave the card to her parents who later gave it to Maggie’s parents. Eventually Maggie and Alex work it out in the end but I would rather have had a comedic Valentine’s themed subplot between Sanvers.

Oh! Also can’t forget the best part of the episode, aside from maybe Winn’s scenes. Kara and Mon-El eventually get their romantic scene at the end of the episode and profess their feelings for each other. The two finally get to that kiss plus a little more. Insert winky-face here.


Quick Notes/ Remarks

-- Peter Gadiot as Mr. Mxyzptlk was hilarious and fantastic but his rendition of “A Whole New World” really started the episode off on a great note. I was entertained every time he was in a scene and his comedic timing was superb.

--  Anyone else get the orange juice gag when Kara was drinking the citrus beverage towards the end of the episode?

-- J’onn (David Harewood) really misses M’Gann (Sharon Leal). Hope the writers bring her back sooner than later.

-- The chemistry between Kara/Melissa and Mon-El/Chris is amazing in any scene they are in together, but any time the two are in character arguing with each other over trivial matters is comical.

-- Where was James (Mechad Brooks)???? He could have at least popped his head in for a second.

-- Hope this Winn/Lyra love story. continues!


Rating: Supergirl 2x13 “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk”: Excellent!

The Mxy storyline was refreshing and hilarious, we finally got our Kara/Mon-El kiss, and Winn found himself a new lady. The only concern in the episode was the Sanvers subplot but the two worked out their problems in the end so that’s good enough for me.

Until next time heroes!


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