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By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Supergirl 2x14 “Homecoming” centered on the return of Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) after Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) rescued her adoptive father from Cadmus. Everything seems to be going great with Papa Danvers back at home but not is all that it seems. Mon-El in (Chris Wood) particular doesn’t quite seem to trust Jeremiah’s return and believes there is a Cadmus plot at hand.  Of course the show can be predictable as any other CW drama and by the third act, Jeremiah went full betrayal mode at the and took something off the DEO’s computer. Not to mention he made quick work of J’onn (David Harewood) with his robotic arm, courtesy of Cadmus most likely.

This episode’s big fight of the week was kind of underwhelming to say the least, as Jeremiah met up with Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) and Cyborg Superman to deliver whatever he had stolen from the DEO. The Cadmus baddies destroy a train track for Supergirl to deal with and Alex (Chyler Leigh) is left alone to choose between shooting her father or allowing him to escape. She of course takes the latter and Jeremiah flees with his Cadmus cohorts. The episode ends when Winn (Jeremy Jordan) informs our heroes that Jeremiah stole the National Alien Registry list with all the information on every alien in the country. The final scene is at a Cadmus warehouse, where Lillian is talking to Jeremiah about freeing the Earth (from aliens most likely) and the camera pans to what looks like a giant futuristic ship. Now, to take a quick second to also note that this episode reminded me a lot of Captain America: The Winter Soldier...

As far as this week’s script goes. Can’t say it was the most interesting writing of the season but the whole Jeremiah betrayal led to the most heartbreaking moment for Kara and Alex this season. The writers also gave us a quick glimpse on Kara and Mon-El’s new relationship. The two were so lovey-dovey in the beginning of the episode, had their first mini-fight towards the second act, and were consoling each other by the end. Hopefully the writers don’t give us a Kara/Mon-El issue every other week like they were doing with Sanvers this whole season. The Winn and Lyra plotline had a small bit this week, but as the Little Mermaid said, “I want more!!!” The Cadmus plotline thickens as well. What does Lillian Luthor plan to do with the alien registry list? What exactly is that helicarrier…uhhh futuristic ship? Sorry, couldn’t help it.

This week’s “best performance” is a tie between Chyler Leigh and Dean Cain. The Jerimah’s betrayal was hard enough for the girls and J’onn, but you could see Jeremiah’s hesitation with deceiving his family. Cain sold the “too good to be true” character but his expressions and mannerisms told the audience that he still cares about his family. Even more heartbreaking was seeing Alex decide on whether to shoot her father or let him escape. She didn’t want to take Kara’s advice for caution towards her father and was blinded by his return up until the third act. Chyler is possibly the best actor this season and has Alex has definitely had the most growth out of any character. It will be interesting to see how Alex deals with her father’s betrayal in next week’s episode.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- That was such a Winter Soldier arm! C’mon man!

-- Kara giving Mon-El flowers was cute and hilarious at the same time.

-- Speaking of Kara and Mon-El, do appreciate how it took Mon-El all of ten seconds to announce to everyone at the DEO of their new relationship. J’onn’s deadpan order for the two to head to HR was my favorite joke of the episode.

-- J’onn is the freaking Martian Manhunter! Why does he get taken down by Jeremiah in all of one minute? In the comics, J’onn can go toe-to-toe with Superman, but gets knocked out by a robotic arm this week.

-- Wonder what dirt Jeremiah has on Mon-El. Hopefully that secret comes out sooner than later.

-- Can they work on Cyborg Superman’s make-up? You can clearly see the mask on top of his face. Fix this make-up crew!

-- Winn and Lyra are my new favorite couple!

-- Once again….no James Olsen….


Rating: Supergirl 2x14 “Homecoming”: Great!

The return of Jeremiah gave Kara and Alex a few moments of happiness with their father, but his betrayal quickly effected our heroes. The Cadmus plot line thickens and who knows what to expect for the future? 

Until next time heroes!



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