Supergirl 2x16 "Star-Crossed" | Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

Frank Ockenfels III/The CW

After a week off, Supergirl is back and that means we are one step closer to The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover! Let us begin!

Supergirl 2x16 "Star-Crossed" had everything a CW show should have. Drama, drama, and more drama! The big spaceship from two weeks ago is from Daxam and Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) along with Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) are Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand. The pair have come to retrieve their son, Mon-El (Chris Wood). Yup. You guessed it. Enter drama stage left. Kara (Melissa Benoist) along with everyone else at the DEO, find out that Mon-El is Prince of Daxam which of course upsets everyone and by everyone, I mean only Kara. Kara is invited to a nice family dinner with the royal Daxamites but that goes awful and later back on Earth, she shuns Mon-El for lying even though the poor guy was only looking for a redemption story from his troubled time on Daxam. The Queen comes to Kara to ask the Kryptonian to persuade Mon-El to talk to his parents about returning to Daxam to rebuild. When Mon-El and Kara have their third act “I love you. I hate you. We should set up next week’s episode” scene, Kara breaks up with him after he professes his love for her but Kara is a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man and tells him to leave. BOOM! Mic drop!

Oh ya! There was also another sub-plot involving Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Lyra (Tazin Merchant). In short, Lyra was using Winn as a mark this whole time in order to steal a Van Gogh painting in order to clear her brother of his debts with some bad guys. Winn gets help from James (Mechad Brooks) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) in rescuing Lyra’s brother from his captors and manage to stop a big bad alien in the process.

The final part of the episode shows a prisoner being escorted through the DEO. This ends up being Darren Criss’s Music Meister who seems to hypnotize Kara, break out of his handcuffs, and manages to steal the multiverse portal to travel to Earth-1 to confront our Scarlet Speedster. However, Kara wakes up in some sort of 1920s speakeasy where she is pushed on stage to perform a song but we will have to wait until tonight’s episode of The Flash to see some singing.

I guess you can tell from the sarcasm in the writing that this week’s Supergirl was a little too CW for me at times. Particularly the main plot of Mon-El’s lie and the introduction of his parents. I get that Mon-El hid the truth of his royalty from Kara because she might not have accepted him in the way she did, but you are dealing here with a woman who is all about compassion and justice who has her own alter-ego in order to protect those she loves. Here we have Kara who lies about her identity to everyone outside her circle because she must protect them, while Mon-El hides his true identity so that he can forget how much of a spoiled prince he was back on Daxam. Yes, there is the whole “I want to redeem myself for how I was on my home planet," and yes we can truly see that Mon-El has fallen for Kara, but if you love someone that much, wouldn’t you think you would tell them the truth about your past? Wouldn’t you also tell the woman that you professed your love for, that you would have told her of your past eventually? But no. Mon-El uses the “I love you” card to try to make amends with Kara but sticks with his motives and tells her that had she not found out of his parents, he still would have kept it a secret. The only redeeming part of this whole issue was Kara ending the relationship and kicking the lying Daxamite out of her apartment. As mentioned above, Kara is a strong, independent woman who literally has the fate of the world on her hands. She has no time to be manipulated.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- In a much lighter tone, loved the Winn/Lyra subplot this week even though lying seemed to be the theme of tonight’s episode. The only difference is that Lyra lied about her true intentions in order to rescue her brother. I’m happy that the writers didn’t make her into a true baddie but was merely a refugee looking for a way to survive and protect her sibling.

-- Can Winn and Cisco meet one day?

-- Good to see James again. He was pretty badass as Guardian this week. Although, we'd pay money for the showrunners to make his voice a little less Iron Man meets Optimus Prime. 

-- Teri Hatcher plays a really good snobby Queen.

-- Anyone else catch the little musical foreshadowing in the beginning of the episode?

-- The action scenes this week were pretty darn good if you ask me.

-- Winn must really love donuts.

--  Was definitely worried half a second that Sanvers was going to fight again when Alex went to get Winn out of jail. Luckily this was not the case.


Rating: Supergirl 2x16 “Star-Crossed”: Very good

The action scenes and the Winn/Lyra plotline were entertaining. The Mon-El plot could have turned out differently but alas this is what we got. Here’s to hoping tonight’s episode of The Flash makes it all better.

Until next time heroes!


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