Supergirl 3x03 "Far From the Tree" | Review

By Rebecca Akdeniz (@becksbunnie)

The main theme of Supergirl 3x03 "Far From The Tree" was relationships and oh boy did they go into it with the #daddyissues! And as the title tells us, maybe the apple does fall far from the tree?

Season 3 so far has us fearing for Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie's (Floriana Lima) relationship, or as fans call them“#Sanvers,” with the introduction of the two new characters, Samantha (Odette Annable) and her daughter Ruby (Emma Tremblay). It didn’t help when their Bridal Wedding Shower had one less guest when Kara (Melissa Benoist) chose to zoom off to Mars with J’onn’s (David Harewood) to answer M’gann’s (Sharon Leal) distress call.

J’onn’s Daddy Issues

J’onn’s arrival on Mars was monumental in him realizing that he wasn't the last Green Martian to live, but that there is one other, who just happened to be his Father, M’yrnn J’onzz, (Carl Lumbly). M'yrnn is a religious leader on Mars with the key (a staff) to help the resistance save his planet from the tyrant White Martians. J’onn deals with the realization that his father has been tortured for centuries and that he believes that a White Martian is playing a cruel trick on him by taking the form of his son. Supergirl ultimately appeals to M’yrnn by using the reasoning that they both are the very last of their people and asks him to open his mind for the good of those who come after them. It was very touching until the real water works began, when J’onn showed us all a memory of his two daughters in their home from one of his birthdays when his father surprised him by leaving his prayer early. Honestly, tears began to roll for this because it was beautiful and such a testament to the phenomenal acting on Carl Lumbly’s part to make us feel the pain and joy of watching such a bittersweet memory, that of coming to the realization that he is not alone, and lastly, that he has once again been reunited with his son. The writers did a great job this week in showing us the beauty and peacefulness of what Mars was like in the flashback memory, with the almost dream-like sequence and warm lighting. It was refreshing from the depressing state Kara has been in this season.

Maggie’s Daddy Issues

At the beautiful “Sanvers” Wedding Shower thrown by Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater) Maggie’s estranged Father, Oscar Rodas, (Carlos Bernard) comes bearing a bottle of wine. This action may seems as something we could be excited about, because of the possibility of Maggie and her father finally combing through his homophobia and understanding her love for Alex.  This entire storyline was another heartbreak and confusing ordeal however, much like real life for many. After Maggie’s father revealed that he had been keeping up with her career and even asking her a question about one of her cases, it is obvious that he still has love for his daughter, which was cemented by him pulling out a childhood photo of Maggie and posting it on the wedding board next to Alex’s childhood photos. But this all goes away when he sees “Sanvers” share a beautiful kiss…at their wedding shower…what a surprise…NOT. When he sees this, the sparks of anger fly and he abruptly leaves his daughter’s shower. Why are you surprised to see your daughter kissing her fiancé at their wedding shower? Confusing to think that he was going to come back and find another scenario. Maggie follows her father who explains that he worked hard and tolerated bullying and racism so that his daughter could avoid such treatment and now that she is a member of the LGBTQ community she will always be an outsider. UMMM…we are in 2017 dude, being gay is more than okay. Maggie comes to terms with her father's fears for his daughter and confronts him before he leaves on the bus after the wedding shower. This was a powerful moment as Maggie handed her father the same photo of her and said she wasn’t the scared little girl in the photo looking for her father’s love or approval anymore. Maggie took a huge step in confronting her father, but will this just lead to more daddy issues or has there really been a weight lifted?


Quick Remarks/ Notes


-- The CW writers are relevant once more and take another jab at the Trump administration when Maggie’s father disagrees that she is accepted in this world by saying “They are building a wall, because we are nothing but rapists and murderers” regarding their status. Keep these coming! The relevance is important!

-- Hello Daddy M’yrnn! Excited to see what direction the writers are going to take this character!

-- Bye Daddy Oscar!! Is this the last time we will see him? Probably.

-- Alex…is Maggie actually enough for you, even though Maggie said she still didn’t want children and that decision had nothing to do with her tragic childhood? I can’t help but think that Alex wants to be a mom and this relationship is doomed. Sad. But probably true. 

-- What do you think? Breakup inevitable or will they work it out?

-- Can’t wait to see more of Sam and Ruby! (and Alex?)

Rating: Supergirl 3x03 “Fall From The Tree”: Different, but Great!


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