Supergirl 3x05 "Damage" | Review

By Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)

Following last week’s focus on faith and beliefs, Supergirl 3x05 “Damage continued to delve deeper, this time with Lena (Katie McGrath) taking the central focus rather than Kara (Melissa Benoist).

The episode starts off with what feels like a good ol’ baddie takedown courtesy of a Kara and Alex (Chyler Leigh) team-up, but all is not as it seems for Alex. With last episode’s revelation to Kara about Alex and Maggie’s (Floriana Lima) disagreement on children, it’s Kara’s turn to (or at least try to) console Alex as she’s struggling under the weight of said Sanvers disagreement.

Slimy, or as Lena calls him, “toxic predator” (HOORAY, for honesty), Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) makes an unwanted reappearance by blaming L-Corp, a direct shot at Lena rather, for countless cases of lead poisoning affecting children in National City. The lead poisoning, he states, comes as a result of the choice to use the lead bomb created by Luthor tech. Edge seems to just quickly pass over the fact that it got rid of the Daxamites, but ok, we won’t stop right there at this moment. He blames Lena for being so blinded by her motives in wanting to be a hero so desperately that she didn’t even think of the unintended consequences of using the weapon.

Moving forward in the episode we see a broken Lena urging Kara to not believe in her because as she puts it, she’s “not worth it." And now armed with an excuse to quote Fifth Harmony, girl, come onnn! You’ve been showing us you’re no Lex Luthor from the beginning, [you’re] worth it! Lucky for Team Supergirl, Winn (Jeremy Jordan) eventually determines that it wasn’t actually the bomb itself causing the damage to the children, but an unidentified (?!?!) third party chlorine manufacturer that had added a synthetic chemical compound. The chlorine had been used at the very pool that all of the affected children had recently visited. And then, luckily for us, Lena snaps out of her self-inflicted guilt trip because she knows exactly who owns the manufacturer and it’s none other than he-who-was-unwanted, Morgan Edge. Perhaps showing a bit more of her Luthor side, she visits Edge at his (creepily dark and ominous) office only to pull a gun on him. Not really sure what she was thinking here because if she had been successful, she’d have ended up in jail just like her…brother. Sooooo, yeah.

Of particular importance from 3x05 is actually what happened after that. Lena is taken out by an Edge goon and they take her on an airplane that is meant to drop a payload of chemicals to the city below. Lena and Kara team up to foil Edge’s plan and honestly, at this point, it’s really great to see Lena’s continued attempt to fight the reputation the Luthor name has always earned in this universe. This is perhaps Supergirl’s way of showing that despite your own blood being the cause of the pain and suffering inflicted onto others, even one person’s decision to do the right thing may potentially, at the very least, begin to mend some of that damage.   

The episode also featured more scenes showing Lena’s new role at CatCo. A few episodes back it seemed that James (Mehcad Brooks) and Lena would be constantly butting heads and it’d be far from smooth sailing as they run CatCo. We’re now however seeing that Lena is pretty on top of it despite not coming from a publisher background. A sign of a good leader, she knows when to take a lesser role at CatCo and L-Corp to let James and Sam (Odette Annable) handle their respective organizations.

The most heartbreaking moments from “Damage” were by far the Sanvers scenes. As mentioned in last week’s review, a couple disagreeing on whether to have children or not, is understandably a decision that isn’t (or shouldn’t) be taken lightly. Our hearts were torn a new one (Is that a thing? Can we say that? Whatever, you get the point.) as we watched Alex and Maggie (Floriana Lima) mutually decide to end their relationship. When you think about it, it’s actually pretty mature of them to realize this before they both said "I do." At the same time however, it’s also increasingly clear that the two do love each other, but with neither budging on their opposing choice, we’re so sad to see this ship sink. It will be interesting to see how Alex moves forward after such a remarkable relationship. It would also be far from the truth to forego mentioning that the duo dancing in this episode sparked some false hope, but alas, farewell Maggie Sawyer. You’ll be missed.

The performance of the week is a three-way tie (sorry, not sorry)! Chyler, Floriana and Katie really hit it out of the park this week. Each portrayed such varying emotions for their reactions to their respective situations and the only consistency was how difficult it was to see some of our favorites so broken down.


Quick Remarks

-- Morgan, quit trying to make hating Lena happen. Let the girl fight that Luthor reputation if she wants to!

-- “If Ruby was sick, would you still be my friend?” Lena, no. Stop that.

-- Might be a total girl move, but forever IN LOVE with Kara’s outfits.

-- Always down for more James and Winn scenes. James has proven time and time again that he’s a hero and the two talking after James gets shot (ohhh nooooo!) was really great to see.

-- Maggie’s line to Alex after she leaves their apartment was too much, oh my Grodd. “You’re gonna make a great mom,” awh. (Truly sad to see Floriana go!)


Review: Supergirl 3x05 “Damage”: Good. 

Particularly enjoyed this episode for continuing a sort of character redemption arc with Lena. What’s intriguing is that she isn’t really like Lex (not yet, at least) and is still having to deal with people’s preconceived ideas/beliefs about how or who she really is just because she’s a Luthor. Side note: guilt trips are always hard to watch, Lena’s was no different. Couples wise, is Sanvers done for good or what? It is a superhero show after all, so maybe not totally far-fetched to think she could reappear? Hmm.

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