The Flash 3x13 "Attack on Gorilla City" | Recap/Review

By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

The CW (Source:  @CW_TheFlash Twitter )

The CW (Source: @CW_TheFlash Twitter)

Welcome to the Jungle, Baby! What’s better than a Gorilla Grodd episode? How about an episode filled with intelligent Gorillas! Let us begin!

The Flash 3x13 "Attack on Gorilla City" picks up right where 2x12 left off last week. Jesse (Violett Beane) has returned from Earth-2 to ask Team Flash for their help in finding her father. It seems that Harrison (Tom Cavanagh) was leading an expedition to meet with the gorillas of Gorilla City, but was captured while the rest of the expedition team were murdered. Barry (Grant Gustin) determines that Harry’s kidnapping must be tied to Gorilla Grodd (voiced by David Sobolov), who the Team banished to Earth-2 last season. Barry also believes rescuing Harry and stopping Grodd can change the future, where Savitar kills Iris. Barry, Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), and Malfoy…sorry, meant Julian (Tom Felton), travel to Earth-2 and begin their search for Harry.

The team finds themselves on the outskirts of Gorilla City. They lock on to a signal coming from Harry’s watch but realize they have just walked into a trap set by Grodd. The villain uses poison darts to knock out the group. When Team Flash wakes up, they are trapped in prison cells but Barry and Cisco’s powers are being dampened. Eventually Grodd shows up by mind controlling Harry and offers Barry a deal. It seems that the leader of Gorilla City named Solovar (Keith David), plans to use his gorilla army to attack the all humans.  If Barry kills Solovar, Grodd can take control of all the gorillas and promises Barry to keep the gorillas in the city.

Eventually the team is introduced to Solovar who takes control of Cisco to communicate with Barry. Barry makes a deal with Solovar, where the two will fight in the Gorilla City arena and if Barry wins, he and the team get to go home. Did anyone else have a “I know that voice, but don’t remember the actor’s name” moment with Keith David voicing Solovar?

The fight is on! Barry tries to take out Solovar quickly with speed punches but the gorilla leader stops him in his tracks. The speedster tries to use a lighting throw, but Solovar takes him out with a seismic drop. Out of his own tricks, Barry takes a page out of Reverse-Flash’s playbook and uses a hand phase to knock out the gorilla. Barry makes a quick speech about mercy and world peace but is shut down by Grodd who uses another dart to knock the Flash out.

Back in his cell, Barry is confronted by Grodd who comes clean and tells Team Flash of his true motives. It seems that Grodd never intended to let the team go, but wanted to be leader of Gorilla City to control the gorilla army to attack Central City. Grodd needs only one thing: Cisco Freakin Ramon! In order to transport his army, Grodd needs Cisco to open up a breach to Earth-1.

The team comes up with a plan to escape their cells with a little trickery. When Grodd comes to check on the team, Barry is lifeless and Caitlin tells Grodd that he must have ruptured one of his kidneys as a result of the injuries he sustained during the arena fight. Barry’s body was cold as ice and Grodd drags him out of the cell and leaves his body to the side. When the gorilla leaves the prison cells, Barry resuscitates himself by speed phasing in place to warm up his body. Caitlin used her powers to freeze Barry in order to trick Grodd into believing the speedster died. The team escapes and make their way back to Earth-1 before Grodd could recapture them.

The group is back in Star Labs and Harry is back with his daughter. Harry also is reintroduced to H.R., where Cisco informs Harry that H.R. was a fraud just as Harry expected, but still has found a place on Team Flash. The episode ends with its usual cliff hanger pre-credits scene. Grodd is shown on a throne overlooking his gorilla army, but the real kicker is a familiar character next to Grodd. Gypsy is back and seems to be under the control of Grodd. This can only mean one thing for Team Flash: Gorilla War!!! Was that cheesy? It was too much right? Oh well.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- Hope we get an episode where multiple Harrison Wells get together to solve a mystery or at the very least go out for coffee.

-- There were a few subplots this week. We got more of the Caitlin/Julian romance that is quickly brewing. H.R. had his funny moments this week along with his words of wisdom to help advise Jesse.

-- Speaking of Jesse, she and Wally (Keiyan Lonsdale) had their own issues to deal with on Earth-1. In short, Jesse was acting weird towards Wally when she found out he had speedster abilities. Wally tried to talk to Jesse, but she was brief with him. She believes Wally doesn’t need her around since he got his powers. He doesn’t agree with her and ask her to move permanently to Earth-1 to be with him. This doesn’t go very well originally, but after her pep talk with H.R., Jesse agrees to move to Earth-1.

-- More Jesse Quick!!!

-- Diggle may be the Jiminy Cricket of Arrow, but H.R. takes that role to a whole new level on The Flash.


Rating: The Flash 3x13 “Attack on Gorilla City”: Excellent!

Anytime The Flash gets to go toe to toe with an intelligent gorilla, you know the episode is going to be killer. Mix that in with a whole gorilla city and an arena showdown and you have yourself a classic episode.

Until next time heroes!


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