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By Christopher Ross (@boss_ross92)

The CW (Source:  @CW_TheFlash  Twitter)

The CW (Source: @CW_TheFlash Twitter)

What’s better than a giant gorilla attacking a city? How about a whole army of giant gorillas attacking a city? Well that’s exactly what could have happened in The Flash 3x14, but of course budget restraints were present and the “Attack on Central City” was more like a stroll through town instead of an all-out attack by Grodd and his gorilla army. 

This week’s episode of Flash was a continuation of last week’s Earth-2 Gorilla City fiasco. This time our heroes are back on Earth-1 and Barry (Grant Gustin) believes he just changed the timeline by leaving Grodd back on Earth-2. However, nothing is ever that easy for Team Flash and they are soon attacked by a mind-controlled Gypsy (Jessica Comacho), who they soon find out has brought Grodd and his army over through a portal. A couple shenanigans occur between the first act and the final battle towards the end of the episode. Not once, but twice in the episode, we saw some last minute science experiments from Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh), where Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) served as the guinea pigs. There was also a nuclear missile crisis that Barry stopped in the nick of time. Not only can Barry input thousands of 5-digit codes in seconds, but he can also remember which codes he has already entered without duplicating. For someone who can’t even remember past Facebook passwords, that was impressive.

The third act begins with Barry contemplating whether or not he should kill Grodd in order to stop the attack. Eventually he comes to his senses, with a little help from the wise Harry Wells and the team comes up with a non-lethal way of dealing with the super genius gorilla. When Grodd and his army make their way through Central City, The Flash, Kid Flash (Keiyan Lonsdale), and Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) take on the army and distract them long enough for Cisco and Gypsy to bring back a familiar face from Earth-2. Solovar has returned and he takes Grodd on in a one-on-one battle for control of the gorilla army. Solovar makes quick work of Grodd (in order to save some CGI money, I assume) and is about to kill the villain before Barry interrupts and gets the gorilla king to spare Grodd’s life so Barry can lock him up. Everything is back to normal for Team Flash until Wally speeds through Central City to pick up some Big Belly Burger but is confronted by Savitar who guns towards our hero right before the credits roll. It doesn’t look good for Kid Flash.

Attack on Gorilla City” if anything, was action-packed. The writers had so many things going on in this episode that it felt a little lost at times but fun none-the-less. The return of Gypsy was a great way to hit two birds with one stone. The Earth-19 "breacher" brought Grodd to Earth-1 and also continued the romantic tension between her and Cisco. The writers also touched on Barry’s debate on whether or not he should kill Grodd. Of course, the Speedster comes to his senses but one can’t help but wonder if this foreshadows what Barry must do to stop Savitar. Perhaps the biggest concern with the writing in this week’s episode was the whole nuclear missile disaster. While understanding that the writers want to make Grodd look more villainous, it still felt that the nuclear attack angle took away from Grodd’s true might. Here is a giant, super-genius gorilla, who has an army of other intelligent gorillas and he still needs the threat of a nuclear attack to seem more intimidating.

The acting in this week’s episode was fantastic, like it usually is. The "performance of the week" results in a tie this week, with Grant Gustin for perfectly portraying Barry’s inner-battle with the decision to kill Grodd. After all of the traumatic events that have happened in Barry’s life, he continues on a path where justice will always prevail and killing is never the answer. It’s a little cheesy at times, but Gustin’s acting has helped to develop the character into one people know from the comics. The other great acting of the week goes to Tom Cavanagh who continues to pull double duty by portraying H.R. and Harry Wells.  The actor not only gets to portray two characters, but he also has to show all the emotions and characteristics of both Harrison Wells. The way he tricked Wally into thinking he (Harry) was dying was fantastic, but within a couple scenes he is back to being Barry’s mentor, while also switching to the H.R character and adding some comedic effect.


Quick Notes/Remarks

-- The Gypsy/Cisco chemistry is great and deserves some more screen time in the future.

-- On the flip-side, not quite feeling the Wally/Jesse relationship. I don’t know what it is exactly 

-- H.R isn't an idiot, Harry…he is just a dork.

-- The whole toothbrush talk between Harry and H.R. was amazing!

-- No Malfoy this week.

-- Harry lying to Wally to make sure Jesse doesn’t stay on Earth-1 was something any super-genius father would do for their daughter, right?

-- How does Team Flash manage to create inventions that have never been tested before and they always work on the first try? That is just too lucky.

-- Does anyone else want Barry to bulk up a little more? He is looking very skinny lately. Give that man a Big Belly Burger meal.

-- Is a West/Allen wedding coming soon??? Let’s hope they bring in some cameos from the other DCTV characters.


Rating: The Flash 3x14 “Attack on Central City”: Great!

The “Attack on Central City” might not have been quite the attack we were thinking but the strong acting by the cast and fight scenes in the third act were fun to watch.

Until next time heroes!


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