7 Qs With: Lindsay Lamb

By Cara Grassi (@caramichelles)

(Ryan West)

(Ryan West)

Watchtivist: What’s one thing about yourself that people might not know?

Lindsay Lamb: I once ate 17 tacos in one sitting. No joke. It’s something I’m pretty proud of, so I would like more people to know about it. 

W: When you’re relaxing and winding down, what sort of television shows do you tend to gravitate towards?

LL: I love crime and murder mystery shows. I’ve watched The Jinx at least six times trying to find little clues that the investigators missed early on. If I wasn’t acting I would definitely look into a career with the CIA. I’m in an acting class right now that requires us to watch 3 hours of television a day so I’ve been able to find a few new shows that I’ve really enjoyed watching. There’s an Australian show called Please Like Me that is amazing. I’ve been forcing everyone I know to start it. SO GOOD! 

W: If you could be involved in any film, past or present, which one would you choose? Why?

LL: Well if I could go back in time I would, without a doubt, choose True Romance. I absolutely love the film so being apart of it any capacity and being able to watch it come to life would have been insane. “You’re so cool”.

W: Is there a certain genre or role that you’d like to play but haven’t gotten a chance to yet?

LL: I really want to do more stunt work and action scenes. I’d love to be a part of a girl-power action flick where all the female superheroes could wear sweatpants and hoodies and no make up and it wouldn’t matter because we would still save the day!

W: Out of the time you’ve spent on stage and on set - is there a single piece of advice that you’ve always carried with you?

LL: There are so many pieces of great advice that I’ve received over the years, but one that comes to mind is a quote that someone told me: “You don’t get the same moment twice in life.” It can definitely apply to anyone and isn’t directly acting related, but I try to make it a part of everything I do. 

W: 2017 has already been a great year for you and it’s not even halfway through! Are there any projects that you’re working on that we should keep an eye for?

LL: I’m starting to write as well as produce so I have a couple of personal projects that I’m really excited for as well as a few projects that I should be able to chat about very soon. I know, such a lame response, but I’ll post updates on my Instagram ASAP. My handle is @LambL91 — you’ll also see tons of pictures of my dogs, so that’s as little bonus. 

W: And lastly, do you have anything to that you’d like to say to our readers?

LL: Thank you so much for supporting me! It means more than I can say. 

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