7 Qs With: HTGAWM's Milauna Jackson

By Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)

(Vince Trupsin )

(Vince Trupsin)

1. You recently joined the cast of HTGAWM as ADA Renee Atwood, what has that experience been like?

My experience has been something that I could have never imagined. There are lots of exciting moments in-between some scenes with serious court room banter, where we may be laughing hysterically. It helped loosen things up for me definitely. 

2. What is all that difficult for you to join the cast right in the middle of things?

There may always be a challenge presented for a new character who has been brought in mid season. However, the HTGAWM team was extremely supportive upon my arrival. I arrived on set quite intimidated, especially considering the caliber of the show. Additionally, I am the antagonist this season. But with my goofy behavior and the chemistry between us, I look forward to filming every single episode.  

3. Because your character is opposing counsel to Annalise, you’re able to work with Viola Davis quite a bit - what has that been like?

It has been such a privilege to work with someone so revered in this business. Also, to know that Viola has been influential to expanding my role is even more empowering. I am continuously learning some great lessons when we work together. It has been an amazing treat and is still quite surreal. 

4. What’s maybe the most challenging part for you about being on a show of this kind? Has the legalese given you any trouble yet?

Legalese is the most challenging part for me. But I crave challenges. They help me grow. I fall sometimes and get right back up ready for the next court room scene. The second biggest challenge is when I receive a script with some juicy plot points and nothing can be discussed about it. When I read about Wes' demise, I have never been so tight-lipped about an episode as that one. I could not wait for the episode to air, but I cried when it happened. 

(Vince Trupsin)

(Vince Trupsin)

5. What has made the experience of working on HTGAWM so fun and unique for you?

Every single episode is completely unpredictable. I never know what my character is going to do until I read the script. I was a fan of the show before and now that I know magic behind it I am even a bigger fan. 

6. What kind of show, film or role would you love to be able to try next? 

I would love to do a movie like Set It Off, Soul Food, and The Best Man because I absolutely loved each and every one of those films. They inspired me. I believed the friendship between the cast in set it off. I genuinely cherished the eros and agage love displayed in both The Best Man and Soul Food. I love to play dynamic and round characters types so any role which consists of that, I crave. 

7. And lastly, anything you’d like to say to readers or fans?

I thank everyone for supporting the show this season and I look forward to discussing all thoughts about the rest of the season in January. Follow me on Twitter @itsmilaunajemai for live tweets and on Instagram @milaunajemai for behind the scenes shenanigans. 

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