7 Qs With: The Good Place's Luke Guldan

By PSPatel (@PSPatel)

( Richard Gerst)

(Richard Gerst)

Watchtivist: What was the best part about working on a show like The Good Place?

Luke Guldan: It'd be really hard to call it work. The entire process was just great. It was a blast to “work” and collaborate with such a talented group of people.

W: If you had the chance to create a new character for yourself on any current show, which would it be and what kind of role?

LG: Tough question. There are so many great TV shows running right now it'd be hard to choose. But I'd say Westworld - I just finished the first season and it really stuck with me and left me thinking about it. Based on how the first season ended and where a season 2 would pick up, it'd be epic to originate the role of a sort of Terminator hired by the "park," a specialist who is experienced in android detection and destruction. Similar to Blade Runner which coincidentally has 2049 coming out soon, so timing would be great. 

W: Is there perhaps a genre you’d love to be involved in in the future?

I'll piggyback off the last question a little - Sci-Fi thriller. I've always enjoyed watching films from this genre and with the way technology is advancing it really just increases the entire world of suspended disbelief. 

W: How about a specific individual? Anyone you’d love to work with in the future? 

LG: Ron Howard. He's been in the game so long and has such a wealth of experience and knowledge and passion for film making, that it'd be a real privilege to work with him.

W: Can you tell us a bit about any of your other projects you have coming up and where people can find more info about them?

LG: The Good Place on NBC is airing now, and a feature film that I'm in alongside Kathleen Quinlan, Gil Bellows and Lauren Sweetser about Attention Deficit Disorder called ADDicted, was just released on VOD, DVD and Amazon.

W: How about a bit of a randomness, what’s something that viewers don’t know about you? (But should.)

LG: I only eat pizza once a year - and it's from L&B's.

W: Anything else you’d like to say to the readers/viewers?

Life's short - eat more frozen dark chocolate.

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