Lindsay Arnold Talks Participating on DWTS, Being Partnered With Calvin Johnson, Jr. and More!

(Dave Brewer)

(Dave Brewer)

Lindsay Arnold talks about participating on ABC's DWTS, being partnered with former NFL player, Calvin Johnson Jr. and so much more!

Over the years, what do you consider the most challenging part about participating on DWTS as a professional dancer?

The most challenging, yet rewarding, part of each season is adapting to a new and very different student. The way you teach, the choreography, the journey, it's all extremely different depending on who your partner is. As the pro you want to make sure that your partner gets the most out of their time on the show and in order to do that you have to adapt to them and learn the best ways to make each partner shine. 

To flip it a bit, what's perhaps the most fun part of being a part of such a widely adored show?

The most fun part of being on the sho is getting to choreograph new dances every single week and tell a story. We get to design the costumes, create a set, and do the choreography you really get to have creative freedom which, as a choreography, is a dream. 

Having been paired with a former NFL player, Calvin Johnson Jr., what would you say you were most psyched about when it came to being partnered with him on the show this season?

I was so extremely excited to be paired with an athlete! I knew that the work ethic would be there and that he would be willing to work hard and I was definitely correct. Calvin is one of the hardest working people I know and continues to get better which is really exciting considering it's only week three. I can't wait to how much he improves by the end of this competition! 

Now that you’ve had some time working together, what would you say are some things you’re looking forward to having viewers see in the coming weeks?

I am extremely pumped to have a dance style that allows lifts because Calvin is so strong. He is so tall and has the ability to do some extremely cool lifts with me so I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to have him throw me around a bit! 

Are there any “special moves” viewers should be looking out for?

I think Calvin and I have the ability to bring some new tricks and lifts to the show that no one has tried before! 

Do you have any “good luck” and/or ”good mojo” inducing pre-show rituals?

Calvin and I don't have any specific rituals yet for before the show but I'm sure as the weeks go by we will start to develop some. 

Which couples would you consider the ones you’re thinking are the ones to “watch out for"? 

There are a lot of talented and entertaining couples on the show this season. I think the couples to beat right now are Laurie (Hernandez) and Valentine (Chmerkovskiy), Terra (Jolé) and Sasha (Farber), and James (Hinchcliffe) and Sharna (Burgess). All three of these couples have talent and personality which is so important for this show so Calvin and I are keeping our eyes out for them 

Are there any particular songs that you’ve always wanted to dance to onstage but haven’t been able to yet? Which song is your go-to in that regard?

I have been very lucky to get to perform to mostly all of the songs I have wanted to dance to but my ultimate dream would be to dance to an Adele song with her singing live. 

And lastly, although we’re very early in the process, is there anything you’d like to say to those reading and watching from home? 

I would like to say THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement every season! Calvin and I want to make it to the very end and we need your help to do that so please continue to vote and support I promise we won't let you down!

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