Luna Blaise Talks Fresh Off the Boat S3, Working With Jacob Sartorius and More!

(Luna Blaise)

(Luna Blaise)

Luna Blaise discusses the new season of ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, working with Jacob Sartorius for the "Sweatshirt" music video and much more!

What has made working on a show like Fresh Off the Boat so much fun for you?

Probably just being on set all the time and having a lot of fun with my cast and crew because it’s just such a hilarious show. Everyone that is on the show, everything you see on TV every Tuesday, it’s like ten times as funny off camera. It’s the same jokes and everyone is laughing and having a good time. So being a part of that is really fun.

What has been your favorite scene thus far?

Oh wow…that’s hard, oh my gosh! There are a lot of great scenes, probably the Halloween episode from last year. I had to like put really fun makeup on and had to do this weird light thing to my lips to where my lips were glowing. It was a fun process, it was really cool, so probably the Halloween episode for season two in the second to last scene in the episode.

What are you most excited about in terms of the season?

Probably a lot of different things coming from my character…um from all the characters really. We’re all growing up so I’ve been hyped for this season, and so definitely a lot different things coming for me which is exciting.”

Are there any actors/actresses you’re hoping to share more scenes with in the future?

Probably my step-mom Honey, Chelsey Crisp, and my dad Marvin, Ray Wise, because I barely have any scenes with them. It’s been a lot more with Chelsey recently, but yeah definitely my mom and my dad on the show. 

Since the show takes place in the ‘90s, has there been anything new the show has introduced to you? Any new music to check out? Fashion trends that you’d love to see trendy even today?

A lot of music! Usually every single episode there’s some form of hip hop music based off the ‘90s. With fashion trends, it definitely opened my eyes up about fashion that I really didn’t really know about. So definitely both fashion and music!

(Luna Blaise)

(Luna Blaise)

Are there one to two things you would like to see for your character specifically?

It’d be fun to explore my mom! In the show we’re always talking about my real mom and everyone in the neighborhood knows my real mom, my step-mom, and Marvin. But she hasn’t been introduced yet! I can’t really say anything else, but probably that.

Can you tell us a bit about “Sweatshirt” and what made being on that project such a cool experience for you?

Definitely creating such a great friendship with Jacob (Sartorius), we’re literally such great friends now. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I accepted the offer for being in the music video because I knew this kid from Instagram and we started talking. He wrote a song and told me he wanted me to be in his music video and I didn’t really know what was going to happen from that. I thought it would be a cool experience but I didn’t really know what was going to happen after that. I consider him one of my really close friends.

Are there any shows/ films that you would want to be part of and why those?

I love Grey’s Anatomy! Its been on for so long, I would love to be a part of Grey’s Anatomy. Definitely American Horror Story because their new season literally just started. American Crime Story, because I was obsessed with last season where it was the People vs. OJ Simpson. I love Crime stories! So definitely Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Stories, and American Crime Stories! I don’t know about films; I would love to be in a film but I don’t know. But those three shows for sure.

What kind of character could you see yourself playing?

That’s hard, because I play such a funny character on Fresh off the Boat so I would love to play the total opposite of what I play on Fresh Off the Boat. A serious character that has a lot of drama. For example, on American Horror Story one that’s in-depth in the show I guess. It’s really hard for someone my age to be on those types of shows because they don’t really focus a lot on the kids due to the intenseness, so I would love to be on that type of show.

Makes sense! Lastly is there anything you would like to say to those reading or watching?

Look forward to a bunch of new and fun things coming on Fresh Off the Boat because it’s going to be such a fun season. So just look forward to having a laugh, it’s going to be great!

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