7 Qs With: Ghosted's Linc Hand

By PSPatel (@PSPatel)

Watchtivist: Can you tell us a bit about Fox’s Ghosted and why it was a unique project for you?

Linc Hand: The best way to describe Ghosted is that it is a comedy X-Files. It’s a very fun show.  It’s unique for me because it’s a comedy and most of my roles in the past have been heavy dramas. 

W: How does Agent Kurt Checker fit into the show’s hilarious antics?   

LH: Checker is key to the overall mythology of the show. He is like the James Bond of the the secret agency The Underground that deals with all things supernatural.  

W: How do you imagine your character going moving forward or returning?

LH: The ways it could go are endless because of the storyline of the show. The fun of the show is that I have no idea the way it’s going to go. [Laughs]

W: To date, which project has been your personal favorite to work and why?

LH: It’s so hard to narrow it down to one because they all mean so much. For the sake of the interview though, I will say the movie 42 because I got to play baseball for 3 months. Also that movie was the first time my dad got to see me on the big screen and that was a dream come true. 

W: Is there a particular project and/or genre you’d love to work on next? 

LH: I would love to carry an action franchise. Those are the kinds of movies I grew up watching with my dad. 

W: What’s something viewers don’t know about you but should?

LH: I own the best Siberian husky ever. His name is Lex. He is my fur baby. [Laughs]

W: Anything else you’d like to say to those reading and watching?

LH: Tune into to Ghosted on Fox, Sunday nights after The Simpsons. Also be nice to people, let’s bring back common courtesy. 

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