Corina Calderon Talks Suicide Squad, Working With David Ayer Again and More!

(Michael Duenas)

(Michael Duenas)

Corina Calderon discusses Suicide Squad, working with David Ayer again and more! 

Congratulations on Suicide Squad! What was that experience like overall? 

Looking back, every time I think about it I’m like, “I want to be on a set like that again.” It was so exciting and fun, being around all those great actors, seeing David again, it was so much fun. Being on a set like that, it was great. 

What was the best part about being a part of this DC movie universe?

It really opened up my eyes to a whole other level of me, me dreaming bigger. I’m here trying to get another role or get an audition for guest star roles, which is great, but then I get an offer to work on that film, and then I go and work on it. And now you just see it everywhere and I was a part of that! It’s been so big and exciting; I just can’t really grasp it yet. It’s really cool, this is the kind of work I want to do, consistently.

You previously worked with Suicide Squad director, David Ayer, on End of Watch – what would you say was different when it came to working with him this time around?

We already had a little bit of that history since we’d already met and worked together before. You already had that relationship and that level of comfort. And then to get that role offered, that was a great feeling, a level of confidence to be trusted enough. He could’ve still had me audition, just to be sure, and thinking back it was just, here, this is your role. I found out later I was one of the first ones cast, I have to remember those moments.

Your scenes in Suicide Squad were among the saddest scenes in the film, what made playing a role like this so interesting for you to have been able to take on?

First of all, playing the wife of El Diablo. That was kind of like, whoa. What was about this guy that this girl gets with him? All of the tattoos and all that. I’m sure he had some of the tattoos when she met him. I think it takes a certain type of woman to get with someone like El Diablo. So probably that.

Was there anything you’d have wanted to change or gone about differently?

I want more scenes and I’d want my character to grow. I want her character to have a backstory, maybe find out she has a superpower or something.

To return to a bit more of a happier note, what was your favorite thing to happen while filming or attending one of the premieres?

I’d have to say how welcoming David was on set when I wasn’t filming. I’d wake up early and even if I didn’t have to be on set until noon, I’d be taken to set at 9-10am, just to have a couple of hours watching others do their scenes. They were really welcoming and accommodating about that, I couldn’t believe it. I had on headphones and sat down to watch Margot Robbie and Jared Leto film. It was great.

Can you tell us a bit more about some of your upcoming projects?

Two of them now are with people that I’ve known, who have started to do their own thing. And I’m so proud of being a part of these two passion projects. It’s a really special thing to see it happen, gives me inspiration and that fire to continue. When people are around you who are blowing up, it just feels really good and it’s a spark. All that work and self-doubt and all of a sudden it’s happening.

Opening this up to a broader universe kind of question – is there a particular character or specific character type that you’d love to play but haven’t been able to yet?

Now the first thing that came to mind was some sort of superhero, especially after working on Suicide Squad, I like roles with a lot of physicality. I was just talking to someone about this the other day, I’d love to play Catwoman!

That’s a great choice! Why Catwoman?

Definitely the physicality, and her story is so great. I liked Michael Pfeiffer and Halle Berry’s take on it. It’d just be cool, I mean come on, it’s Catwoman.

Totally valid. It’s cool, that’s why! Are you currently binge-ing any shows or films?

The last one was Stranger Things, but before that, Bloodline. That one really stuck. I really loved Bloodline.

If you could be on either one of those, which would it be and what kind of character would you play on or in it?

I don’t know actually; I like to watch them!

Is there anything you’d like to say to readers or Suicide Squad fans?

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that…I don’t want to say too much…that Grace’s role starts to develop. More Diablo and more Grace!

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