Stitchers' Jasmin Savoy Brown Talks Nina and Cameron, Broadway, The Leftovers and More!

(Ryan West)

(Ryan West)

Stitchers' Nina, Jasmin Savoy Brown talks Nina and Cameron, wanting to star in a Broadway play, her work on HBO's The Leftovers and more!

How has it been working with the Stitchers cast and crew? Any cool or funny BTS stories to share?

Working with the Stitchers cast and crew was an absolute blast. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and we had a lot of fun on set. One of my favorite moments was when Jeff (Schechter) said to me, “Don’t worry, it’s going to be really hard for everyone to hate you.” I thought, “why would they hate me!?” and had a mini faux freak out. Everyone looked at me like it was kind of obvious why… since I was always there from Nina’s perspective, I had completely forgotten about Cameron and Kirsten’s relationship! We had a good laugh about it and ultimately, he was right.

What are you most excited about/looking forward to overall for the future?

This is a tough question, because honestly I am ecstatically looking forward to every step of my future. That’s one of the many things I love about this career path - you can have plans and goals in site, but there’s no way to know how or when that goal will be achieved. But then, once it is, there are new goals to achieve and surpass! THAT BEING SAID, the moment I most look forward to is the day that I star in a Broadway musical. Broadway is my first and truest love - she came first and she is here to stay. The day that I have a single spotlight on me, a two hundred-piece orchestra accompanying me with a show-stopping opening number, will be among the best days of my life. Ha! I can’t lie, I love that attention. The attention you get from the stage. I breathe the easiest up there.

How about your character in particular? Can you also tell those who aren’t familiar with the show a bit more about your character and how she’s perhaps stirring up a bit of drama for a certain favorite ship? 

Nina is a twenty-something, confident, spunky comic book nerd who is proud of who she is and she isn’t afraid to share her opinion. Cameron, the charming lead nerd on the show, happens to wander into her store; they get to talking… and end up getting dinner that night! Little does Nina know, Cameron and Kirsten, another member of the Stitchers team, have had an intense on again / off again almost relationship for a very long time…

What was the most challenging part about playing a character like this?

For me the most challenging part was hitting my marks! Haha! Really, my technical abilities improved immensely working on this show. The first episode I just could not hit my mark and my light, look over my glasses, AND set the comic books down at the right time in the same take. I drove them insane. But by the tenth episode I was a pro. Thank you Stitchers crew for your patience and for teaching me so much! 

You also worked on HBO’s The Leftovers, what was that like?

The Leftovers was my favorite job to date. It was truly a dream come true to work with such phenomenal actors, directors, writers, wardrobe and hair, set decorators… every single person involved in that show is an artist, and a devoted one at that. I often describe working on The Leftovers as a paid master class. I was paid to watch and work with some of the finest actors of our time. What a gift. I will cherish it forever.

What has been your favorite part about playing a character like Evangeline?

I have a lot of favorites. She was so much fun. I got to run around naked in a forest, swim in a beautiful river, and lead hundreds of people across a bridge to the Promised Land. Among my favorite things about my experience on The Leftovers are the relationships that I formed as a result of being on the show. Violett Beane (Taylor on The Leftovers, Jesse Quick on The Flash) is one of my dearest friends now and I am close with the rest of the Murphy Clan as well. We all just had a blast working together. 

Evie has forced me to take a deeper look at myself and get honest about who I am and what I believe. That’s one of the scariest and most exciting things about getting different roles - they each challenge you to take an honest look at yourself, and I learn something new from every character. Tapping into Evie’s anger and answering the “why” questions - “why would she join a cult?” “Why does she believe what she believes?” “Why now?” - I had to first ask myself why I would do each of those things and that was a humbling and revealing self exploration. 

And the most difficult part?

The most difficult part was keeping the material personal and not collapsing under the strength and brilliance of those around me. Meaning it is important to me for my work to be personal and to reveal deep truths about myself that I wouldn’t otherwise reveal to strangers… or even people who are close to me. And it’s sneaky. You will never know what was true about me and what was true about Evie. But I will, know and my coaches will. It was also hard to not be intimidated by the actors around me - that show is stock full of exceptional brilliant, practiced actors. I am nowhere yet near their level of experience and expertise. And yet I had to stand my ground. What an honor - if it is approached with humility, which luckily I learned even more of from all of them.

(Ryan West)

(Ryan West)

What made The Leftovers such a great/different show to be able to work on for you?

The writing and the support. The writing on that show is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant and just so truthful. The support that we are given as artists to explore impulses and try new things within the scene is not the standard. We were given time and freedom to “try something”. It’s truly an actor’s dream.

Is there anyone from either the Stitchers or The Leftovers casts you’d love to work with again down the line, or at anytime for that matter? Why?

I would love to work with Ann Dowd at all! We didn’t have a chance to work together on The Leftovers and she is one of the most exceptional, brilliant actors alive. Period. I honestly might pass out if I had the opportunity to work with her. Not only is she brilliant, but you can see it in her work - she is so loving, giving, courageous. I know working with her would be both a challenge and a blast. I would learn so much. I’d also love to work more with any of the Murphy family members. We all stayed close and are like a real family. There’s something magical about working with people you really are close to in real life - they can push your buttons and activate certain things in you that actors you don’t know as well wouldn’t know how to unlock. I’d also love to work more with Kyle Harris for obvious reasons. We have great chemistry and he is so much fun to work with. I’m grateful for the time that I had with him.

Are there any other projects you are currently involved with? Can you tell us a bit more about them? What should people be keeping their heads up for?

My largest film role to date! I play the lead in an upcoming film called Before You Say I Do  directed by Kevin Conner. 

Watchtivist was created “for the active watchers of entertainment.” I’d love to know what shows/movies you’re currently hooked on. What are YOU bingeing right now?

I am currently binging on Bates Motel and The Grinder!

If you could be on any one of those/join the cast of any of them, which would it be?  What type of character on that show and why that show/character?

I would totally play someone on Bates Motel! I would love to do something emotionally challenging opposite Vera Farmiga. She is a FORCE!

And lastly, anything else you would like to say to the readers and viewers?

Thank you for reading and for all of your support.

Jasmin Savoy Brown may next be seen in the upcoming film, Before You Say I Do, directed by Kevin Connor

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