Ryan Kelley Talks Teen Wolf S6, Dream Ending for Parrish and more!

By Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)

(Grayson Wilder)

(Grayson Wilder)

Ryan Kelley discusses the sixth and final season of MTV's Teen Wolf, his dream ending for Parrish and much much more!

Heading into the final season, what are you most excited about for the season? Both for your character and the overall story? 

I think my answer for both is the same. I want the fans to get resolution by tying up loose ends for Parrish and the storylines in Beacon Hills. I think that’s the blessing about knowing your show is going to end before it actually ends. Hopefully the writers are able to give the fans what they want, or at least give them something to talk about, you know? There’s nothing worse than when a show ends and they think they’re coming back and they don’t.  So the Teen Wolf cliff-hangers that we are all used to, hopefully there won’t be one, hopefully loose ends will be tied up.

Parrish is such an integral part of the Teen Wolf family having been able to defeat the Beast in Season 5, what can you tell us about his role in Season 6? I mean, there’s a Nazi Werewolf about to bring on the mayhem to Beacon Hills! Please be as vague as you need to be, don’t want you to get in trouble!

I would love to be able to give spoilers for Season 6. The only thing that I can say is you know we ended off with Parrish basically along with the pack, defeating the Beast, which was sort of his purpose to Beacon Hills…or so he thinks. He’s still not controllable, he’s still not sure if he’s a danger to other people, and that conflicts with him being in the police force. So this next season, I think is a struggle for Parrish to figure out if he’s supposed to even stay. Is he dangerous? Can he be controlled?  So there’s a lot more questions, which is kind of what I was talking about earlier! Hopefully we get answers to those questions.

Right! So, like you said, we’re not sure if he’s controllable, he might be dangerous but at the same time, he’s still a cop. What would you say has been the best part about being a part of a show like this? Where it’s a supernatural show and a character in it.

My favorite thing as an actor is that I get to show up on set and act out things that aren’t real. Since I was a little kid I would imagine having super powers or being able to read minds, being able to fly, have super strength, things like that. And even as an adult I don’t daydream everyday like when I was a kid but once in a while I’m still fascinated with the Marvel movies or Batman. Do I want super strength right now? [Laughs] Yes, please! I still have it in me. So to be able to show up on set and just to use your imagination like you did as a kid, it’s magical and it’s super fun. Also, the realm of possibilities in a supernatural show is unlimited. The possibilities are endless, which is why sometimes these shows go on forever because there’s just so much you could do in a supernatural world.

You just mentioned reading minds, Hulu put up all of Smallville for streaming and I’ve been re-watching them all. I recently saw your old episodes on there and I totally cried, I won’t lie. [Laughs]

[Laughs] Baby Ryan!


People still recognize me from that! That was the first time I saw young actors doing it for a living and that was when it clicked in my head that this was something I potentially wanted to pursue. That was a pretty important project for me.

That’s so great. What’s the most challenging part about playing Teen Wolf’s Parrish?  

The most challenging part about playing Parrish is the unknown. Normally, when you get into a project you know the beginning, the end, the middle. You know the back story that a lot of fans don’t know. You just get the whole package. With Teen Wolf there’s kind of been this unraveling as we go. And I know Jeff (Davis) always had an idea where he wanted Parrish to go. But he’s kept me in the dark, just like the fans. And that’s sort of Teen Wolf’s MO. So that’s been unique to learn how to act without knowing. People always asked me what they thought  Parrish would be before I was a Hellhound. Did I have thoughts or something about what I played? And the answer is no, I couldn’t. Because if I portrayed it as something in my head that wasn’t actually what it turned out to be, it would’ve just been weird. I had to just go with this vague concept, which was kind of cool it’s kind of just like Parrish. That’s definitely been the most challenging part, all of the unknown answers.  I like to know as much information as possible and to be told “just relax,” “just go with it,” “you are doing great,” is awesome, but also very different.

Are there any cast members you haven’t been able to share scenes with or haven’t shared enough scenes with in the previous seasons that you’re hoping to before the series wraps up?

I love Shelley (Hennig). She’d be fun to do more scenes with, she’s hilarious. I mean, all of them! You know, Teen Wolf is such an ensemble. Even the ones that I do a lot of scenes with, I’d love to do more with. I truly love showing up on the set of Teen Wolf. All actors say that even if they hate the show, you know like “Oh I love my job.” But I will be honest, with Teen Wolf, before I auditioned I remember Jeff hounding me about how it’s a family. He wants you to fit in and wants everyone to get along. And everyone loves showing up on set. Thankfully he thought that I would fit right in and I’d say I do. I show up early and stick around afterwards, we’d just talk and hang around. It’s honestly a blast! I’d love to do more with JR (Bourne). Parrish working more with an Argent, I think that could be a cool storyline. But again, it’s different now with the show ending. There’s so many things that we could tie up. I am just lucky that I am not a writer because I would have no idea how to finish it. That’s a lot of pressure.

Oh yeah, definitely a lot of pressure. You mentioned earlier that you’d like to see loose ends tied up. What’s maybe your dream ending for Parrish? If you could have it anyway, how do you see Parrish ending his arc?

Oh man! There are so many possibilities, I mean as long as it’s something. As long as there’s like a resolution, in some way shape or form. I mean I guess it’d be really cool to, I mean the ultimate answer is, you know, I save the day and ride into the sunset. But it’d be cool to maybe, potentially…die officially? To save someone’s life maybe? I know fans don’t love that idea but at the same time it’d be a cool storyline you know.

[Actually gasps] Wow! So what’s next? What kind of roles are you looking to try out after having played a cop who happens to be a Hellhound? Or even maybe is there a particular genre of work you’re hoping to try next? (Or Any upcoming projects fan should keep their heads up for?)

We’ll have to see.  I still have auditions like every other actor. I’ll sort of a go with the flow kind of guy so we’ll go from here and see what happens. Honestly, I truly do love working in Sci-Fi, so if I could get on another supernatural show that would be a dream. But otherwise I love comedy, I love drama. Drama is probably my favorite, so any sort of series or maybe even just do a movie. The key is to just stay working. Take it as it comes!

Right on, right on. I like throwing this out there because sometimes people have answers ready – what’s your dream role or character in a film or TV show?

I mean, he’s sort of like a superhero…but Jason Bourne. I love the Bourne series. I’d love to do an epic trilogy or whatever it is now That would be awesome. Or maybe even like a family, something where there are people I love working with. I’d rather share the spotlight with other great people.  The Fast and Furious franchise, I think is phenomenal. You know, it’d be cool to do like a family thing like that. Again, it’s just plain working. I guess I’d go with Bourne.  

Bourne’s a good one! It’s very action heavy, that’s a trend I’m noticing now. And lastly, anything you’d like to say to readers or Teen Wolf fans?

Man! Do you have an hour? I want to thank them for the love and support that they’ve shown, especially for my character because I was new. Sometimes coming onto a well-established show that has fans that are as passionate as Teen Wolf fans are, they are unlike any other, in a good way. I have never experienced anything like this and I am not sure if I ever will again. I hope I will, but if not I’m completely content with getting a taste of it from Teen Wolf. They are TRULY passionate and show unconditional love in the craziest ways, and it was just a treat to be a part of that. So I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do what I love, and then also at the same time feeling loved from them. It’s just truly amazing. 

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