The Flash's Violett Beane Talks Jesse Quick, Crossover Potential and more!

By Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)
Courtesy of John Allen Phillips

Courtesy of John Allen Phillips

With The CW's THE FLASH currently taking a break for a few weeks, it was the perfect time to catch up with Violett Beane. Read on as she discusses the possibility of Jesse Wells becoming speedster Jesse Quick, crossover potential, and much much more! 

What’s the best part about working on a show like The Flash? Was it hard for you to come to the show when it had already gotten so successful?

Everyone I work with is awesome! And I actually got kind of lucky being able to come onto an already successful show. The show has such a loyal following and the fans have been so welcoming. It really helps make my job a lot easier and more fun!

What makes working with this cast so fun for you?

All the cast and crew are so talented and fun on set that it makes work feel a lot less like work. Everyone jokes around and genuinely has a good time! 

How about Tom Cavanagh and Candice Patton specifically?

Working with Tom has been so wonderful. We've had a lot of emotional scenes so far and he's such a great partner in them, I couldn't ask for a better set dad. Candice and I have done a few scenes together so far, and she's awesome too. In between takes we're always goofing around and taking pictures!

Are you set to have any scenes with Keiynan Lonsdale?

I've done a few scenes with Keiynan so far, and he is such a cool guy. He's so positive and upbeat, the other day we were shooting until 3am and he was so excited about it all, we just had a great time! I think it would be really cool to see us sort of team up since we're both set to be speedsters at some point.

Any cool stories from the set?

The other night, we were shooting a stunt scene, and it looked so cool!! Our stunt people were some of the raddest people I've ever met, and we watched the playback in slow-mo and it was AMAZING. I really hope to do some stunts in the future for sure! 

Over to the specifics of the show, now that Jesse is back on Earth-1, what do you think will be her biggest challenge over the season?

I think one of her biggest challenges will definitely be getting used to life on Earth-1. I think she's going to have a little trouble with it, I mean she left everyone/thing she knew back on Earth-2. She has to make new friends and get used to living a new life.

How do you think she will be able to help Team Flash? Does she have more insider knowledge than we’ve been led to believe?

She's crazy smart, possibly even smarter than her dad, so she will be able to help in that aspect for sure. You'll see her in the rest of the season helping the Flash team solve problems and locate metas!

Courtesy of John Allen Phillips

Courtesy of John Allen Phillips

Jesse’s had it really rough since she was first introduced on the show. She's essentially been held captive by Zoom for almost all of her character’s appearances on the show. What has been the most interesting part about playing a character like her?

It's been interesting to show her resilience throughout the season. I want her to be realistic and upset about what she's gone through, but she's also very strong and I want the audience to be able to read that... to show that girls are strong too!

What are you hoping to see from her over the season?

I definitely want to see her get some speed! And having more scenes with Team Flash would be fun as well! 

Speaking of the future, we’re all VERY excited about the idea of Jesse becoming a speedster, I won’t ask you exactly when she’s set to become a speedster. That’d be too easy. I’d love to know at least if you’ve been told when/if that’ll happen. 

The writers are very, VERY secretive, as they should be! It keeps the audience, and actors, on their toes! I'm hoping, fingers crossed, for Jesse to become a speedster before the season's over. I don't know if that will happen, but if it does I will be insanely happy. I hear putting on the suit is one of the most empowering feelings, and I can't wait for my turn!


"I hear putting on the suit is one of the most empowering feelings, and I can't wait for my turn!"


What are you most looking forward to in terms of this potential of being able to play a superhero? And to flip over to the other side too, what do you think will be the biggest downside of having super speed?

Definitely the suit. I mean I can just imagine how cool I'll feel, like I actually have superpowers! Downside would be...carrying the weight of the world (the way Barry does, it seems exhausting).

Courtesy of John Allen Phillips

Courtesy of John Allen Phillips

What about crossovers? Could you see your character being one that could crossover to Arrow and/or Legends of Tomorrow? It’s very awesome when we’re able to see these characters like John Diggle, Cisco Ramon, Felicity Smoak, Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, etc., tie these universes in together. Think Jesse could be one of those characters to continue that? Perhaps even: Any ideas on how you’d want that to go down?

A crossover would be really fun! I've met a couple of the cast over on the Arrow set, and it would be totally awesome to get to work with them! I could see something like that happening next season, like if Felicity needs help with something science-ey, and Jesse comes over to help.

Are there any other projects you are currently involved with? Can you tell us a bit more about them?

Yeah, I've got two films premiering at SXSW this year. Slash is a comedy about a kid who writes erotic fan-fiction. Tower is a documentary about the University of Texas shooting in 1966. This project is extremely dear to me, being set in Austin and with such a prevalent topic being discussed. I can't wait for everyone to see these films! 

Watchtivist was created “for the active watchers of entertainment.” I’d love to know what shows/movies you’re currently hooked on. What are YOU bingeing right now?

Currently, I'm bingeing Bloodline. The acting is just so amazing, it really hooked me. Ben Mendelsohn does such a fantastic job, it's insane! Also can't wait for Orphan Black season 4! Tatiana Maslany is a force to be reckoned with. 

If you could be on any one of those/join the cast of any of them, which would it be?  What type of character on that show and why that show/character? And why?

Definitely Orphan Black. To work with the actors on that show would be a dream come true. The show really hasn't gotten as much praise as it should!

And lastly, anything else you’d like to say to fans of The Flash?

 Just thanks! Thank you for being so loyal to the show and caring about what happens to the character. Stay tuned for more Jesse Quick!


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