Kat Barrell Talks That Wynonna Earp Bulletproof Vest Scene, CBC's Workin' Moms and More!

By Prutha S. Patel (@PSPatel)

Courtesy of Syfy

Courtesy of Syfy


Kat Barrell talks about that Wynonna Earp bulletproof vest scene, what she's looking forward to seeing for Nicole Haught in Season 2, CBC's Workin' Moms and More!

Congratulations on completing the first season – what are you most looking forward to seeing both overall and for your character, Nicole Haught?

I’m looking forward to seeing how Nicole interacts with the Black Badge division and what her level of involvement is going to be. I think she’s going to make a really great agent and I’m really excited for her to finally being able to know what’s going on in Purgatory on a supernatural level. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for her.

A lot of the Earpers were holding their breath when Nicole gets shot, but then underneath the uniform is…dun dun dun…a bulletproof vest. Did you have any idea that fans would react the way they did to something like that?

Yes, I did, but only once we were in the middle of the airing of Season One. We were shooting that bulletproof vest scene back in January before everything on The 100 had happened.  I wasn’t aware of a lot of these tropes. I received a really good education while the season was playing out. But we shot that back in January, so that scene was written, shot and performed well before a lot of the events happened and it wasn’t until after when the season was airing and when I was getting all of the feedback from the fans. I knew the scene was coming, and it was really hard not to say anything. It was pure irony that it unfolded like it did.  I remember in the second episode when Nicole was first introduced on the show, a lot of fans were tweeting at me saying, “Make sure she’s wearing a bulletproof vest,” and I’m thinking, “How do they know? What’s going on?” Then of course I realized that they didn’t know! It was completely ironic how it played out because we’d already shot it.

I almost wanted to ask if you kept the vest.

I’m sure someone in Calgary might have it. It’s probably in a storage unit somewhere, but I didn’t keep it.

It’s almost like your official logo or something.

No, that’s the thing! I didn’t know. For me, it was that my character, a cop, got shot and she’s wearing a vest. That’s all it meant to me at the time, that thought process wasn’t there at all until after.

Courtesy of Syfy

Courtesy of Syfy

Totally understand, I personally didn’t think of it like that until after the fact either. But it does signify something more, so it’s really interesting.


You work closely with Dominique Provost-Chalkley. What has that been like and what’s your favorite part about that specific relationship. You guys do have a pretty sweet hashtag and hand signal already!

It’s awesome, we’ve become very good friends. We hang out in Toronto. It’s always fun to work with your friends, right? You need to feel intimate and safe in those situations with the other actor and we always felt comfortable, I could talk to her. It was a very open dialogue.

Courtesy of Syfy

Courtesy of Syfy

How about working with the cast and crew overall? 

Amazing! I mean, I love our cast and crew. Unfortunately, a lot of Canadian shows don’t get a lot of international attention, and we didn’t know where the show was going to go; it has all been a beautiful surprise. It’s everything we had hoped for, but you never know! It’s really hard to make TV in this landscape right now. There’s a lot of content out there, and it’s hard to get people to watch it. I just feel like we’re like this “little engine that could”, that turned into this big beautiful show. It has exceeded my expectations and my wildest hopes. It’s been amazing. I love the people I work with. Working in Canada, there’s this more of a small-town vibe and everyone’s down-to-earth. Very much a team mentality - everyone’s really really working together. Going through this together really feels like a “Cinderella story.”

What was your favorite scene to film thus far?

I really like the opening scene - Nicole’s first introduction in the bar with Waverly. I think that was one of my favorite scenes. Mainly because as a female actor, you don’t normally get to play that scene. It’s usually a heterosexual relationship where the male is making advances on the woman. When I read it, I was like “this feels different, why is this different?” I realized, it’s because women don’t get to play that part in that type of scene. And I realized that’s very rare, and that’s why I loved it. It was so different and something I hadn’t gotten to do before.

I also really loved the party scenes in the last two episodes; those were really fun. Because everyone was together, we’re all friends and the whole crew is there. I can’t remember if that was one of the last days of filming for me but that was a fun way to end the season for sure.

That’s so true though! You’re right though. Actresses rarely get to play that role, great point. 

No, not all! Definitely not.

Courtesy of Syfy

Courtesy of Syfy

What’s maybe ONE little bit of insider information or BTS tidbit that fans dunno yet but you can safely share?  

[Laughs] Everyone asks me this question and I have no idea what to answer. I don’t know. I’m sorry, I got nothing for ya.

I was hoping for that "dot dot dot," makes it more intriguing.

There’s nothing really that they don’t know about the show. It’s all very open.

Are there any other projects you are currently involved with? Can you tell us a bit more about them? What should people be keeping their heads up for?

I’m working on a Lifetime movie called Girls Night Out that I’m shooting right now. I’m in that with two American actresses, Kelly Kruger and Mackenzie Mauzy, who people will recognize as Rapunzel from Into the Woods, and Hannah Anderson. It’s a lot of fun.,

I’m also going to be a recurring character on a new half hour comedy that the CBC is doing called Workin’ Moms with Catherine Reitman, daughter of Ghostbusters (1984) director Ivan Reitman. It’s an amazing female driven ensemble comedy about a group of moms from different walks of life who are trying desperately to balance work, children, life. I don’t know how I got so lucky to work on two strong female-driven shows, Wynonna and then this. I’m working alongside really great female comedians, and I’m super super excited. I start as soon as I get back from Montreal in the middle of August, then on to Wynnona.

Watchtivist was created “for the active watchers of entertainment.” I’d love to know what shows/movies you’re currently hooked on. What are YOU binge-ing right now?

I loved The Affair, it’s amazing. I started watching Outlander but I couldn’t get into it, going to give it another shot. You know what I watch because I like to turn my brain off? I love to watch cooking shows. I like a lot of Top Chef and chef competitions. I’m addicted to the Netflix series Chef’s Table. It’s a beautiful documentary highlighting a lot of the best chefs in the world. For me, watching scripted shows feels like work, because I’m thinking about it in a different way - I’m analyzing it. So for me, when I want to just turn off and relax, I’ll watch cooking and travel documentaries.

And lastly, anything else you would like to say to the readers and viewers?

Thank you for the support. Everyday I’m getting more and more beautiful letters and pictures, I’m so overwhelmed because I never expected any of this. I can’t really believe that it’s me that this happening to and I’m just really grateful for everyone’s kind words and support, which has been nothing but positive. All of those things mean so much to me and I love reading them, they make me so happy, so I want to say thank you. 

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