7 Qs With: Carollani Sandberg

By Cara Grassi (@CaraMichelles)

( Ryan West )

(Ryan West)

1. We first meet your character on Syfy's Z Nation in the episode “Welcome to Murphytown”. Can you give us a little insight as to what she happens to be like, maybe a bit about her background or what viewers should know about her?

Sure! I made up an intricate backstory for Anderson since all we know about her in the script is she was a drill sergeant before the zombie apocalypse and she’s now an upcycler. The backstory I created is that she started dating her wife in the Army before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was overturned, so she’s a very private, guarded person. She and her wife were surviving the apocalypse together but fell in with a bad crowd who tried to kill Anderson and her wife ended up saving her life by taking the bullet. Anderson escaped, devastated, and has been wandering alone for a long time. That’s when she heard about Murphy and a possible vaccine for the zombie virus. 

2. Are we going to be seeing more of you and your character in the upcoming episodes?

Funny story: a few days after filming “Welcome to Murphytown,” I fell while walking my dog and broke both arms and my kneecap! It was awful! I had to have two different surgeries and I was laid up for awhile. I was very bummed out because it meant I had to be written out of the rest of the season. I still have high hopes for season 4! 

3. What was it like being on set and working with the rest of the Z Nation cast?

The Z Nation set was a dream come true! The crew is cool and professional, and they really create a supportive space for the top-notch cast to work. Working with Keith Allan was dope. He’s an incredible actor and I loved being able to work off of his energy. Definitely a dream come true.

4. You probably saw this one coming but we’ve got to ask... are you a fan of zombies? What’s your take on the horror genre in general?

I’m terrified of zombies. I’m actually quite a delicate flower when it comes to the horror genre. I’m way too sensitive! I was bingeing a zombie show the other day, and I started to think more broadly about the art form, wondering if zombies act as a metaphor for past traumas we’ve experienced in our lives, you know? You think your past is in the past, but here it comes again and it’s trying to take you down! I’m not sure if the writers intend that metaphor, but I think it could be a brilliant storytelling device if used in that way. 

( Ryan West )

(Ryan West)

5. You recently worked on a film called Second Nature. Do you mind giving us a quick rundown as to what it happens to be about and your character’s role in that plot?

It’s a world-swapping movie showing what might happen if men and women flipped roles in society. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen, even though there have been other gender-swapping movies made. This one isn’t about a dude running around in a dress. It’s a funny movie that asks viewers to consider gender politics and traditional gender roles. My character, Nat, is the best friend of the main character, Amanda. It was fun because I get to play the same character in two different “worlds.” I had a great time making the film, and we just recently had a very successful world premiere at the Napa Valley Film Festival. I’m excited for people to get the chance to see it! 

6. Are there any other projects that you’ve been working on currently? Is there anything that people should be on the lookout for?

Yes, keep a look out for my movie Simple Creature in 2017! Keep updated at simplecreaturemovie.com. Also, people can rent or buy my LGBT supernatural thriller Brides To Be on several video-on-demand platforms, all of which can be found at Bridestobemovie.com.

7. And lastly, anything else you would like to say to the readers and viewers?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to chat about my projects! I’ve put a lot of work into them and it feels incredible to have the chance to connect with fans about them. I was able to take a fan I met on Twitter to a screening of one of my films at the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival in Portland, Oregon, and it was great to be able to connect like that. We had a great time.

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